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PostHeaderIcon I hate BEING Sick :@:@

YES, I hate being sick.

The past two days, I've been taking care of my sick bf, NOW I am sick. I hate being sick. Luckily at work today I was fine. I just started to feel sick right after work. I went to Ocean to grab few things. Also, picked up NEO CITRAN! Does this thing actually works?? How many of those pouches DO I need to take to feel BETTER...=O!?@!?@

PostHeaderIcon Demetre's

On Wednesday I decided to go to Caffe Demetre's with boyfriend since it was our day off.

I end up getting the Strawberry Chheesecake! I really want to learn how to make it.. but I don't think I'm a baker. I'm scared I might make it mm wrong. What was wrong WITH my cheesecake? TOO SMALL:@ We went to the location in Mississauga! When I used to live in London my CHEESEEECAKE was hugeee!!!

I was kind of dissapointedd.. I sometime think that if..the waiter come and she asks you what you want and YOU tell her cheesecake..and when she comes back..IT'S SO SMALL. Like they judge you..if you're a girl you eat less. THATS NOT FRIG true.. I noticed it happens to me alot. Next time I'm going to tell bf to order Mine and I'll order his. WATCH...his order FOR MINE WILL be bigger:@

This is bf's desserrtt! He got some Belgian icecream with chocolate and I'm really not sure exactly what it's call. Bf's sleeping right now. Don't wanna wake him up. He's sick =[ But yahh I think the Dessertt here in Sauga was so much smaller than the London Location!!

Bf is eating his dessertt..I think he is beautiful when he eats. =p After we were done eating.. We went to shoot some pool! I'm getting better now I guess.. I can finally learn how to properly hold it and well my aiming still sucks, but I feel like I'm getting the hang of it! Well, I realized that people want to see mmoree make up POST. I will try my best now to do some loooks and more makeup related. Lately, I've just been plain. hahha.. Cindy xxox

PostHeaderIcon Spring Time

I can't believe it is already SPRING!

I end up doing my nails after Rithy left! This is call "Spring Is Here" I decided to do something simple because I'm transfered to a different location for work and I am not sure how the manager will react if she sees crazy shit on my nails.. I thought of just keeping it simple with a bit of color =p

I used Green gemstones, Fimo Flower, PURE Navy blue as the TIP and used the Art Deco in Rose and White, then I clear coated with Sally HansenNO CHIP Acrylic Top Coat! That is the best TOP coat I've used so far!! I've used RIMMEL 60seconds and it sucks. Doesn't hold on sooo welll especially with 3D Nail arts!

I also ordered the nail display, so I can start showing you I do my nails. I seriously can't do a tutorial and filming on my own nails.. It's hard to explain ..I think it would be easier for me to show you with a nail display! Once I recieve I will show you and if it's good I will also post you the link of where I got it from!:)
Cindy xoxo

PostHeaderIcon Eeekk =P

Updates and just Updates:D
Last week, my brother Rithy came down to visit. This is just a quick update of what we did.

I took him out to eat at Sam's Wu, which is a Dimsum restaurant near bf's workplace! The food was oka, but the funny thing was when I added the bill it was ONLY suppose to be about $20CAD since we didn't order so much. The bill was actually $52CAD. Like wth..haha they charged us full price for CONGEE it wasn't part of the Dimsum deal thing! CASH only haha..

Anyways, after we were done eating we went back to bf's store to pick up a Samsung SMX-C10RN camera that I got for my brother. I know he loves making video with his friends! It has 10X Optical Zoom, 2.7" LCD Display SD Flash Memory Camcorder - Red (Refurb though) for about $130CAD! Check out for other items with great prices!!

Bf drove us to Square One Mall so that we can take the bus to Chinatown. I felt like going Chinatown get some DONG DONG Pastries and brother wanted to grab some Asian Action movies. It was fun overall. We walked around and witnessed soooo many police cars everywhere. When we grabbed bbt we came out and some dude just ran with both his hands under his armpits!! My brother and I laughed because we were like he probably stoled something..then as we walked further we saw alot alot and alot of police men..It was scary.. It seems like there was a fight or something like that. Lots of ambulance. I felt like I was in Young and Dangerous movie. Hhahah Young and Dangerous is a Hong Kong Triad movie. We decided to go back to Sauga since bf was off work at 7 we had to be back at Square one at that time. I just bought few things for sister and mostly was food that I spend money on haha:P

When we got home bf made US homemade BBT. It taste soooo good becuase he knows how sweet I like it and I LOVE TAPIOCA therefore I can have as much as I want haha. We watched Shinjuku Incident which was AWESOME! Who plays in this movie? JACKIE CHAN Yooo:P hahaha and Daniel Wu, whom I used to think he was sexy before..when I was younger..he still handsome..but mehhh..Hahha:D

On Friday, I did have to work for the morning but when I got home I bought my little brother some apple juice which he FINNISSHED THAT day haha.. He let the cat into the room and he did not take the allergy pill. He is allergic to my Cat. Vincent end up calling me to see what we were doing so I told him I'm just going to make dinner and that he is welcome to come eat. I made 4 different kinds of dish; KUNG Pao Shrimp with Mushroom {for Vin} and KUNG Pao Shrimp with Red Peppers {for bf}, Stir Fry Yu Choy and Beef, Teriyaki Chicken with Mushroom and Squid and the last dish was just plain Yu Choy Soup with Shrimp. I didn't plan on making this much dish at first but then when Vin received a call from Jao that he was at TN's place..I decided to make more dish. I then invited Jao and then TN! Tn also made this one dish with yellow noodles and seafood + veggies stir fry. I can't remmeber what it was call in English! Jao went to pick up Jodee at work then Dave also dropped by! We were going to shoot some pool but then plans were changed and they just end up playing Assasin/sCreed while Jodee and I hung out!

On Saturday, we watched movie again for a bit and it was really shitty weateher so we didn't felt like going out. Until, later on at night. We went to Sahla Thai Click here for the website and location I believe that there is only two location in St.Catherines and Brampton! I love it!! This is what I got! Pad Si Ew which I am planning to learn how to make it!FRESH THINK RICE NOODLES STIR FIRED WITH EGG, CHINESE BROCCOLI BEEF $11.95CAD. No complaint about this dish!

This is Rithy's Dish! He didn't want to try their curry's or whatevr so I told him to try their Pad Thai !RICE NOODLES STIR-FRIED WITH SHRIMP, CHICKEN, EGG, BEAN SPROUTS, AND GREEN ONIONS TOPPED WITH FINELY CHOPPED PEANUTS. Price was about $10.95CAD! He tried some of my dish and would love to order that next time!!:D

Thai Fried Rice (WITH EGG, ONION, AND GREEN ONION) CHICKEN, this was Bf's dish! He normally orders this. It was really spicy becuase he always get LEVEL5. Price was about $10.95CAD! I don't think I would ever order fried rice when I'm out at a Thai place. I'd rather eat CURRY or soemthing along that..

Last DISH..OMG Vincent's Gang Dang Curry!! THIS IS THE MOST FAMOUS CURRY - - SAUTEED WITH BAMBOO SHOOTS, BASIL LEAVE AND GREEN PEAS IN A GOLDEN COCONUT SAUCE. He ordered BEEF and Ahhhh wow.. IT was pretty spicy but amazingly GOOD. Price was also about $10.95CAD!!

After dinner we headed to Dairy Queen! I got Sundaes and they got I can't remember. Then, we drove to the Pool hall where later Dave also came! It was about a 25MINUTES wait!! Saturday night are always busy!! Rithy ended up beating all of us!! Crazy! He can't even hold the Q stick properly but still manage to somehow defeated all of us at the game of 9Balls.:P The next day Rithy left home. He took the train at 6:15PM! I really miss him and it was such a nice week he was down! I hope he come visit soon again!:D * I hope you liked your camera Rithy:P hehe:)
Cindy xoxox

PostHeaderIcon Excited:D

Hi guys,
At 7:00AM, I will be seeing my little brother, Rithy. He will be staying with me until Sunday. He has March break and he hasn't done anything productive. I told him to come visit me but he said he's not sure if my parents will allow him to take the train alone..OF course I really want to see him!! I then convince my parents to let him come and he will take the train at 5:00AM, I have TO call my parents home at 4:00AM to wake him up.

I can't sleep ..I'm veryyy excited!! I went to play pool today right after work. I am getting better and actually playing the proper way! Bf and Vin are the best:D hahah Anywayss back to my brother.. haha I have my day off on Thursday..Today? We're planning to go out to eat @ a Sushi place neak bf's work and then head to Toronto for the day. I guess we will just plan out our day when he is here:D hehe..My brother is 16 going 17 this year:D Him and I are prettty similar. I can say we get along the most. We kinda look alike tooo.. Kinda scary hahaha ..:)I didn't get him anything for Christmas =[ BUT when I see him.. I know he loves making funny videos with his friends. The use their camera phones or just an old camera to film. I'm going to get him a Samsung camreccorder:D ! He better frig love it:P ahhaa

Anywhoo..I should go bed before I get reallly tired:D I will try my best to blog daily =/
Thanks for readinggg:D
Cindy xoxox

PostHeaderIcon Hmm Be Positive! Be Happy:)

Heyy guys!
I know my las post was a bit mm..Emo.

Anyways, I just want to blog about postive things now. I will blog about things that annoy me, but my main focus for my readers is for them to come by my blog and leave my blog happy. I'll try to think of it this way...Whatever happens at home stays at home. Unless, I really need honest advice from some of you.. I will then blog about it. Positive from now:)

Today, I also went to eat at SAIGON House with Vin and bf. After I got home I decided to do my nails! I've removed my nails the night before. I wanted to play with my Fimos! The previous nails I had before did last me for quite a long time..I guess I wanted to try other style:D

This is my nails now:D Name: "Cindy In Wonderland" It's just so random..I decided to do a hot pink and baby blue background with some glitters, gemstomes and of course my favourite of all time now fimos:D hahah It's cute and well I'm use to having 3D nails art now.

At first I was like..ehh probabblyy won't be as comfortable, but Nope I love them. Feels good and I got lots of goood compliments on my first 3d Nails:D This would be my second design now:D May look a bit tacky ahaha..But I was in the moood of using apple and a flower. Tutorials on how to do them..WILL be coming soon. I ordered nails sooo just waiting =D

I hope you guys like them:D I'm starting to be more quick and able to do both hands now. I hate using my left hand to do my right hand! It's so hard, but I've been playing rockband and APPARENTLYY I am a lefty when it comes to play guitar. I guess it's a good left hand muscle practice hahha!
Well, guys again I appologize for my mm last post. I know it wasn't very mm pleasant and depressing. I will try my best to keep my readers happy and hope to inspire those who loves doing their nails. TUTORIALSSS COMING SOONN!! XOXO

Lovee Cindy

PostHeaderIcon Never On MSN...

To those who read my post...This is a personal entry. It may sound confusing, but I really don't know where else to say it or write it. I normally have a diary, that I write about my day. Now that I have a blog...I feeel like this is where I should post my thought!

This entry is between: Me & my once called best friend/god sister.

I know how we first began our friendship. It was 5th Grade. I did not know how to speak English. She met my cousin first in St.Thomas, a small town near London.. in Ontario. She never knew Asian could speak French. My cousin, was shocked that we all end up in the same school, so she introduced me to her.

When I first met her, I notice she wasn't really a girly girl, but we spoke the same language. I end up sitting talking beside her in class and got to know her better. During lunchtime, I would go to her house to watch Arthur and eat my lunch my mom packed for me. We would tell each other everyhing! It was always the two of us. We got in trouble together and got our lectures by our moms. I remember this one time, I got this big blister on my lip that formed into a bubble that was caused by bitting my lip eating HOT food and then drinking Cold drinks. The blister got soooo big that it needed to have surgery done to remove it. I don't remember what it was call. It was just painful and I was scared that I might of DIE. I told her I was scared and I just want to let her know she is a really good friend to me. She told me not to worry. We even made joke about it, because it was near Halloween time, that if the doctor cut it and my lip start bleeding like crazy and I could go door-to-door to get alot of candy. It was silly but she was there for me. The day I had to go see my doctor she handed a note to me. I still remember MOST of the things she said. She won't let me die. Hahah!!! The note is still somewhere at my parents house. There was so many other times that we shared, that I can't even blog about.

I can't type up all our moments. I know that even if I can write up about 100X entries about our moments it isn't enough. Words can't describe how I feel about her. I miss her so much and I feel like shit, for not ever mentiontioning how great she is. We were BEST OF BEST Friend and eventually took each other as God sister. Throughout Chippewa days which is the school we met in grade 5 to grade 8.

As Highschool came, we end up in different highschool. We still hung out the first year. We got in trouble together and this is where we started to be further and further away from each other. We were totally opposite. We didn't enjoy the same type of music, clothing, boy and etc. I end up not calling her everyday. I end up having new friends. I was just never around. When we hung out. I had fun but it wasn't the same. She also noticed I changed to be someone whom we thought I would never be. I don't know how to explain it. I jsut remember that, during highschool I just thought that she was mean to me and always wanted me to like what she like. I felt like if I didn't be WHO she wanted me to be, that OUR friendship was over. The way I use to see it when I was younger was to leave slowly. NOT completly dissappear. Of course I will still be there for her. It's just I didn't want to hang out with her ALLL the time. The people she hang out with I didn't really know them either. It felt like BOTH side has moved on. We both thought the same thing as long as one is happy, then we're happy.

I never go the chance to tell her why I wasn't around for her much. I know they say don't have any regrets. I sometime feel like, I just left her hanging. I'm ashamed and pissed off at how I am. The way I deal with my problems. I still want our friendship to be strong. I know that sometime her attitude may make me mad at times, but this is who she really is. I know I'm not perfect either. I know I pissed her off at time also. It was me alll along who changed. I was afraid to tell her how I feel. I didn't know how to let HER know without hurting her. I thought that IF I told her when we were in highschool about how I felt, that she would just CUT OFF contact. She won't speak to me again. I'm hurt that throughtout all these years I didn't realized she was the best for me. She's been there for me. I always see the bad things and never notice all the best thing she's done for me.

I know best friends understand each other. Best friends will get mad at each other and sometime want to just rip each other heads off because they dissagree. I'm getting older and I'm starting to miss her more. I feel like the way we left off wasn't right. I still consider her as one of my best friend/sister. I hate the fact that I couldn't be honest with her. Tell her how I truly feel. I'm feeling really empty. We haven't hang out for such a long time. I do try to talk to her about random things, but all I get from her are short respond. "How are you?" "Good, u?"

I feel like she didn't want to be friends with me anymore. I guess you can say we're both stubborn. I can't expect her to be like me. I can't barely type right now. I fok. Oka, what I'm trying to say is. I should have never let go of our friendship. If something was bothering me, I should of let her know and not let it dragged on for years and years. OUR friendship can never be REPLACED. Ever. She knows me really well and I can say the same for her! Why did I say stupid things to hurt her? Why didn't I realize how much she means to me until now. It's really true what they say. You never know how much someone means to you until they are gone. I'm jsut glad she is not COMPLETY gone and out of my life.

Until Today. I msged her on "MSN" we end up talking. Not like those short conversation we have over the years. We actually talk talk. We let everything out. I was really happy when she told me she misses the good old days. She misses US. At first before I use to think that she had her own life and I'm already out of the picture. Today, I found out that she still cared about us. OF COURSE My feeelings for her is the same. I grew up I change I'm sorry, BUT deep inside I LOVE HER TO DEATH. She's tough and I'm weak. She's bold and I'm italic. I cry typing this, she goes to sleep to forget. I miss her soo much and I regret not saying anything before she left. She's accross the world from me. When we told each other things that bothered us. I said things that I did not mean. If you're reading this. You would probably already know I'm not good at wording things. I should of called her instead of chatting with her! What I said, my tone cannot show. She cannot hear the way I say it. If anything, I'm horrible. I feel like I didn't try enought to make our friendship strong again. I would liek that VERY much right now, but what I said didn't came out right to her and made her upset. Why would I say something that would hurt her. I didn't mean for it to seem like I was attacking her. Not at all! I told her that this was what I use to think. I'm notlike that anymore. I'm not going to run away from our friendship. I want to be there for her through thick and thin. It's hard to pick up where we left off.

I REALLY want to talk to her right now. It's really hard for both of us to be open. She was open to me and I blew it. I foked up. I did not intend to sound that harsh. She WAS the best I was just blind to see. So much things happen that I can't write. I just want to let few things out, that inside of me there will always be her. There will always be that first person, that person who made you smile and your first friend. When youre with her, you can be yourself. I was childish to be who I was before and EVEN now trying to explain something and screwed up. If I could just rewind a bit earlier when I was talking to her and everything was good I should of told her I was tired and when to sleep, I just had to keep yapping and say things that didn't came out right that really made her feel bad! I'm such a fokhead to be like that. I don't want to lose her. I know when she's upset she says things she didn't mean. It hurts me alot when I know she is upset. We're not kids anymore we can't just be mad at each other over the most stupid thing.

All I really want is for us to be how we use to be. It may be hard especially now, that I screw up. I just want to tell her how sorryy I am. She was good to me and I was dumb to see it. She can punch me all she want. I'm still hurt and Seriously I never want to have serious conversation over MSN. It's not the way I meant to say it. She doesn't know the fact of how much I care about her. I miss her like crazy. It's hard to show her how I truly feel. I don't know what I'd do if I see her right now. Probably beg her to forgive me. A hug and a kiss. Cuddle and just ah.. I can't type anymore, right now. I think chatting is the worst WAY of communicating with someone and tell them how you feel. It always end up the wrong way.

I want to let her know soooo bad, that I want to be friends again. I don't know waht I'm going to do tomorrow. She said she rather talk to me tommroow and that she want to sleep on it. I can't sleep on it. I came to blog about it instead. I can't barely see my what I'm typing. I should probably try to sleep, I know I won't sleep for a while. It's 3 AM. I should force myself to sleep I have work. I put myself in this situation. I have to talk to her tomorrow and let her know that, THIS Is not WHAT I want it be.

Sorry...for hurting you again.
This is not the way I want it to end..I never WANT TO end it..NEVER!!!


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I want to Nominatee all 3 awards to these wonderful bloggers!!

Makeup Mama

I got all these three awards from : Cydia Thank you hunnyy i also want to give it to you too!! Heart You!!


PostHeaderIcon Vincent Bday @ Dave and Busters!!!

120 Interchange Way, Concord, Vaughan, ON - (905) 760-7600
Has anyone ever been there???

It is the best place I've been so far! hahah Vin decided to go do his bday there. The day before Vin's bday. Friday..the previous post. Vin and Dave came to Bramalea..after I was done work I invited them over to play Rock Band! I was at EB with Vin few days before and I never played the guitar..I was always the drummer or the singer:| I wanted to play guitar better! Dave is pretty good at drums though!

On Saturday which was Dave and Busters we also ate there and I love the foood. It's really delicious! I had noooo complain or whatsoever! This is my dish! Bake Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo! Ahhh, Yummyyy! One of the Best Pastas I had so far! <3 I would BUYYY AGAIN! Ouu and Rick got the same dish as me:P So I didn't take a photo of his =/

Bf's dish..Peppercorn Sirloin Ssteak! I tried his steak and mashed potatoes anddd Love it also! He always order steak everytime we go out!!! That fried thing on the side is onion. I don't eat onions..but he said it was really goood also. He'd buy it again!

Dave's dish! I'm ordering this next time I GO! It is call the, Blackened Chicken Pasta! Which is Blackened chicken breast served in a Cajun Alfredo sauce with tomatoes and mushrooms over linguine. He let me tried a bit hehe:P Thanks David! IT was yummmyyy..IT made my dayyy more happy HAHAH.. =/ Thankkkkkkkkssss >=]

This is Jao and his dish! I didn't get a chance to take a clear picture of his food, BUT this will do. hahah He always have his goofy face! His foood look good! I believe he got something similar to bf's! Jao always seem like a happy person ! I hope he is always happy

Vin's Dish! He got chicken!!!!!!! I see MASHED POTATOESS AND green and yellow beans:P His chicken was nice and tender! Perfect. Seee I have no problems with their foood. I love everything so far!

Last, this is Linda's Dish! Hhaha ! Her buggers are sooooo cute! Though, her wings are a bit spiceyy! It was really big her plate! I woudn't mind ordering this..just minus the hot wings haha:D

Our dessertttt. It's magic..He is holding it upside sidewayss!! Ohh my goshhh hahah.. I got the rasberrryyy cheesecake one! THEY ARE SO OMGGGGGG FRIG GOOOD. TOOooo bad DAVE don't like SWEEET. He would of prob have an orgasm attack HAHAH.. Ooops. I dont know SWWEEET is like my relief strategy! I shouldn't eat soo much sweeet just incase you know diabetics and stuffff! I had such an awesome dinner:D hahha...
Love it!

After we were done eating we went to play some game!!! I'm tell you it is like the best place I've ever been in such a long timeeee!!! If you've ever been to Niagra Falls...THERE Is this place that you can play game then win tickets and get prizes after! Jaooo Smashing the hammer to get points:D hahha

Linda and I! Her eyess is so
frigg nice man!
Some people are just born lucky
with sexyy eyes!!!
Her make up is nicely done also!
Prettty girl huhh:D

Dave and I ! He was suppose to show off his tickets that he won!! He soooooo goood..but then again he says that he always go there! Some day I wanna be good like this game he played. 7 7 7. It's like the slot machine. Try to get the same kind:D He got what..over 100 everytimeee he get 7 7 7. He said when he drinks he does better hahaha!!!!

Dave picking up his bills on the flooor.. He had like over 100 0000$ USD monayy hahha.. No, I'm joking..he was picking up his mm Tickets...He'd probaby sit there all night just playing that game! TEACH ME TO HAVE FAST REFLEXX MAN =O. It's not a teaching game...but there must be some KIND of strategy!

Vin's also really good at the game. He also switched back and forth to play on all three machine! Frig beast! Ahhh they aresoooo good..I wanna win...alot so I can get an awesome prize!

This is MARK and I! Yahhh i was holding his beer and did peace sign. I was trying to look cool..Didn't really work..Oh well:D Life is not always fair hhahahaha . Is he handsome or what??? hahahaha

Mark trying to be all focus..
HE DID GOT 7 7 7 once though.
I didn't =[ grrrrr.. Yahhh he was tryingg very hard..
GOOD JOBB Markk!!!
you did it though!

Bf and I ! Omg I had such an amazing night thatt day! It was funnnn really fun! I also play the deal or no deal game. I actually picked out the 400COUPONS case but I was scared I didn't have it so...instead I took the 200COUPONS Case! I was sooo happy...I want to go again and again!!!! like EVERY weeekend if I can:D

ITS 5:00AM hahaha I just had to blog about that day.. Or else.. I might get lazyy! Omg one of the best day of my life hahahha rawrrr!!!! I did this post on the 9TH of March. Today is the 9th! VIN'S ACTUAL BDAYYYYYY!!!
Happpy birthdayyy VIncenttt xoxo!!!
This is suchh along Picture spam postttt:D Enjoyyy guyss!!
Have an sexy day! xoxo

PostHeaderIcon The Acccidenttt!!

Friday that just passed...

There was an accident right in front of our place! It was a Corolla and a Civic. I know that there was an old man and a young teenage driver. Both cars was SMASHED up baddddddd. The young teenage boy just kept his head down the whole time.. and there was lots of ambulance and firetrucks!

I was also late for work that day. 45mins Late! I never seeen an accident that was sooo close to me before.. I was just standing out there waiting for cop cars to move out the way so I could get to work. Ken's brother Dat, he prettyyy much heard the whole thing..there was a loud noise and sooo he was lik "OHHHHH SHIIITT" I heard him saying that upstair but I thought he was playing game hahah.. The accident was pretty bad...

PostHeaderIcon Hanging out with Linda :)

This post is for last Thursday :)

The night before, Linda who is Rick's gf and I planned on hanging out! We decided that we woulg go chinatown to find Korean/ Japan beauty products! We wanted to go eat Sushi somewhere but when we got there we just ate Dimsum and she showed me this nice place for Bubble tea! She was right, it was delicious! We left home around 11:30ish and we bus to Islington from Islington we took the subway to Spadina:) It was really fun! I don't bus much anymore, so now I know how to get to chinatown haha. I love talking to Linda about anything. We have few things in common, which I really like about her! She's pretty and sweeet! I love her EYESS ahh my goshhh it's pretty and she loves False lashes, especially the thick and full lashes one!

I use to wear the thick crazy lashes before but I'm starting to wear more natural lashes!
We exchange three boxes of 10 pairs lashes and I also gave her my Koji Eyetallk double lid glue thing...She already has nice big eyes..but ehh I just gave it to her:P
I end up picking up a new pair of tweeezer and some dices. Linda is going to teach me this dice game. It's hard to explain! It's a drinking game!

After Chinatown, we went to Ocean's to pick up a few groceries. We were going to make PAST for the boys, once they get home! She's on the phone with Rick..telling him to bring some Beeers ahahhaa.. She so awesome. I like hanging out withh her! When Rick and Ken got home we just ate and start playing dice game and rock paper scissorrs shootting hahaha! It was a fun night..

Rick was also allergic to my kitty :( Loook how cute she is!!! He started to get itch on his face and felt liek there as hair in his throat.. I felt soo bad :( Everyone seems to be allergic to her :( I'm kinda sad though..She's adorable! I made her wear my tanktop and I just tied it..hahah Love you Minoux!
Againn, sorryyy Rickk :( I had a funn night that night xoxo

PostHeaderIcon Yayyy I just wanted to share with you guys...

I've received all my nails product I've ordered online!

This is about 50 Fimo Fruit Sticks! I Ordered this because..well I really got influence by some of the talented Youtubers online! I bought this off EBAY. If you want to knwo where I got these from just let me know. I'll give you the information of the sellers.

I also got about 2400pcs Nail Art Tips Rhinestones Glitters 1.9mm+Wheel! This is a must for me. I love 3D Nail art now:D I ust love it when my nails stands out! To me..its sexy hahah...

DOtters are also handyyy.. I mean I use to use Pencil you know when it's really sharpened to do dots, but I don't want to keeeppp using pencil for that! They are sooo adorable. I haven't receive my white pearls yet! =[ I just can't wait until it come though!

Bf helped me cut a few fimos. All you need is a blade and cut slowly straight down. The blade that bf use harder to use. I suggest finding those rectangle blades..the ones from those shaving razors.. It was sooo hard because I kept screwing up...NOW I got the hang of it! I cut most if it now:D Ahh I love itt! If you guys love 3D Nails art.. order themmm! =] It's really easyy to apply. I'm going to order fake nails so I can do tutorials on how to do it:D

Last thing, I want to share with you guys... MY NAILS!!! Blue Magical Flower Bowtie, this is the name I gave to it:D I am in LOVE and I have these nails for about 6 DAYS now =]

PostHeaderIcon Steak & Sweeet Potatoess =)

I made this Last Tuesday!

It was an ANGUS Steak with Mushrooom and Sweet potatoes on the side! I wanted to learn how to make that Sweet Potatoes from Brant House! This my version! It was realllly really tasty! I loved it.

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