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PostHeaderIcon Vincent Bday @ Dave and Busters!!!

120 Interchange Way, Concord, Vaughan, ON - (905) 760-7600
Has anyone ever been there???

It is the best place I've been so far! hahah Vin decided to go do his bday there. The day before Vin's bday. Friday..the previous post. Vin and Dave came to Bramalea..after I was done work I invited them over to play Rock Band! I was at EB with Vin few days before and I never played the guitar..I was always the drummer or the singer:| I wanted to play guitar better! Dave is pretty good at drums though!

On Saturday which was Dave and Busters we also ate there and I love the foood. It's really delicious! I had noooo complain or whatsoever! This is my dish! Bake Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo! Ahhh, Yummyyy! One of the Best Pastas I had so far! <3 I would BUYYY AGAIN! Ouu and Rick got the same dish as me:P So I didn't take a photo of his =/

Bf's dish..Peppercorn Sirloin Ssteak! I tried his steak and mashed potatoes anddd Love it also! He always order steak everytime we go out!!! That fried thing on the side is onion. I don't eat onions..but he said it was really goood also. He'd buy it again!

Dave's dish! I'm ordering this next time I GO! It is call the, Blackened Chicken Pasta! Which is Blackened chicken breast served in a Cajun Alfredo sauce with tomatoes and mushrooms over linguine. He let me tried a bit hehe:P Thanks David! IT was yummmyyy..IT made my dayyy more happy HAHAH.. =/ Thankkkkkkkkssss >=]

This is Jao and his dish! I didn't get a chance to take a clear picture of his food, BUT this will do. hahah He always have his goofy face! His foood look good! I believe he got something similar to bf's! Jao always seem like a happy person ! I hope he is always happy

Vin's Dish! He got chicken!!!!!!! I see MASHED POTATOESS AND green and yellow beans:P His chicken was nice and tender! Perfect. Seee I have no problems with their foood. I love everything so far!

Last, this is Linda's Dish! Hhaha ! Her buggers are sooooo cute! Though, her wings are a bit spiceyy! It was really big her plate! I woudn't mind ordering this..just minus the hot wings haha:D

Our dessertttt. It's magic..He is holding it upside sidewayss!! Ohh my goshhh hahah.. I got the rasberrryyy cheesecake one! THEY ARE SO OMGGGGGG FRIG GOOOD. TOOooo bad DAVE don't like SWEEET. He would of prob have an orgasm attack HAHAH.. Ooops. I dont know SWWEEET is like my relief strategy! I shouldn't eat soo much sweeet just incase you know diabetics and stuffff! I had such an awesome dinner:D hahha...
Love it!

After we were done eating we went to play some game!!! I'm tell you it is like the best place I've ever been in such a long timeeee!!! If you've ever been to Niagra Falls...THERE Is this place that you can play game then win tickets and get prizes after! Jaooo Smashing the hammer to get points:D hahha

Linda and I! Her eyess is so
frigg nice man!
Some people are just born lucky
with sexyy eyes!!!
Her make up is nicely done also!
Prettty girl huhh:D

Dave and I ! He was suppose to show off his tickets that he won!! He soooooo goood..but then again he says that he always go there! Some day I wanna be good like this game he played. 7 7 7. It's like the slot machine. Try to get the same kind:D He got what..over 100 everytimeee he get 7 7 7. He said when he drinks he does better hahaha!!!!

Dave picking up his bills on the flooor.. He had like over 100 0000$ USD monayy hahha.. No, I'm joking..he was picking up his mm Tickets...He'd probaby sit there all night just playing that game! TEACH ME TO HAVE FAST REFLEXX MAN =O. It's not a teaching game...but there must be some KIND of strategy!

Vin's also really good at the game. He also switched back and forth to play on all three machine! Frig beast! Ahhh they aresoooo good..I wanna win...alot so I can get an awesome prize!

This is MARK and I! Yahhh i was holding his beer and did peace sign. I was trying to look cool..Didn't really work..Oh well:D Life is not always fair hhahahaha . Is he handsome or what??? hahahaha

Mark trying to be all focus..
HE DID GOT 7 7 7 once though.
I didn't =[ grrrrr.. Yahhh he was tryingg very hard..
GOOD JOBB Markk!!!
you did it though!

Bf and I ! Omg I had such an amazing night thatt day! It was funnnn really fun! I also play the deal or no deal game. I actually picked out the 400COUPONS case but I was scared I didn't have it so...instead I took the 200COUPONS Case! I was sooo happy...I want to go again and again!!!! like EVERY weeekend if I can:D

ITS 5:00AM hahaha I just had to blog about that day.. Or else.. I might get lazyy! Omg one of the best day of my life hahahha rawrrr!!!! I did this post on the 9TH of March. Today is the 9th! VIN'S ACTUAL BDAYYYYYY!!!
Happpy birthdayyy VIncenttt xoxo!!!
This is suchh along Picture spam postttt:D Enjoyyy guyss!!
Have an sexy day! xoxo


Saving Capulet said...

foood!! you always make me hungry!!! lol

xbbkay said...

you went to niagara falls babe?? ahhh. funnn!! i love getting tickets. but you blow so much money sooo fast!

what did you end up getting as a prize???

P.S. JAo's photo cracked me up, you are right, he does always have that goofy smile. NOTHING wrong with that ofcourse. hahaha

i <3 you. GLAD that you are having FUN :D

Alyssamae. said...

i <3 DB :D

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