Lovee Ya!~


PostHeaderIcon I miss you kidss so muchh!~~

This post is actually dedicated to my brothers and sister:O It's been almost a month since I've seeen the kids.. I mean.. oka they are not KIDS they say anymore..Kenny {18}, Rithy {16} and Tata {13} have always been there for me. When something goes wrong..Kenny will always try to defend me..Rithy just makes me laugh and well Tata I guess she's too young to do anything haha.. When we were younger.. I remember if any of us caused trouble for another.. So meaning If I did something wrong.. I had to take the punishment and so are my brothers. My mom use to sayyy heyyy if Kenny is in trouble you two..Rithy and I should of told her or stopped him from doing whatevr he was doing. Basically..we had to look out for one another.. So If I got in trouble the kids has to take punishment with me.. It wasn't fair..but I guess this was a way my mom..thought my get us to behave and don't do anything stupid.. Normally you will know how that goes.. After the punishment..none of my brothers will talk to me..because they were angry they had to be blame for not watching out for me. Hahah..Now that I think about it.. it was kinda silly for my mom to do that..but was for our own good. I remember also..when Kenny and I faught..argueing / yelling or whatevr my mom will come between the fight and force us to hug each other and sayy.. I'm sorry sister for talking back..hugs.. I'm sorry Kenny for punching you..hugs..We were still mad..but my mom wouldn't leave until we do that. :@ Embarasssinngg but it's true..There was so much more memories with us.. but I'm not going to ramble. Now for my sister..well we never got along.. until I was in grade 11..I use to hate her because.. I use to be the only girl in the family and then she came along and yahh alll the love goes to her :@:@:@ but I guess I got over it..I mean she is my little sister.. I do love all of them with all my heart!!! I miss them so muchhhh but I know my parents are taking good care of them. I wish them luck in everything they do.. This is a picture of us..Love youuu Guyss!!!

Me, Tata, Rithy and Kenny
People always say that Me and Rithy look alike..We do share same features..
While my Kenny and Tata look alike..They share same features...

PostHeaderIcon Aldo Accessories/ Earrings from Korea:D/ Other

I forgot to post this..Yesterday..I end up shopping at Aldo Accessories and well I end up picking up these things..that was on sale!!~ Check it out:D

$9.75CAD for both..2 for 1 Deals and I just picked the same style necklace but different pattern designs. To see what it looks like...go to FOTD Post..L.A Colors:P

$4.65CAD for this Ring!!! I love it!~

$10.00CAD..Cute Earring from Korea:D

My Stocking for Halloweeennn!~~~

My New Watch..She's Gorgeous huh :D LOL.. I got it for $10.00CAD

PostHeaderIcon 25 Random Questions Survey

So..I got bored it's 2 AM..and well I decided to take a quiz..I'd thought I'd share with you guys...ehehe

Whats your dream house? - Open concept housing..I love having big spaces, modern and unique!

Where would you be able to spend hours and be happy? - MAC Store, Sephora, Bf\'s Room ;)

Whats your fave doughnut? - Err..Vanilla Dip from Tim know the one with sprinkles :D

Do you know how to cook? - YES. I love cooking

Do you like icecream? - YES.

Who is on your top 10 list? - top 10 list?

Out of all your top 10 are any of them related to you? - what?

Have you been in a close to death situatin? - I think so..

At what age do you want to die? - I am Immortal.

What is the color of your room? - Going to be Chocolate Brown soon

How big is your house? - I'ts a basement appartment =/

What do expect for your future? - Success

Do you have any allergies? - I'm allergic to onion & dogs..but not all dog..some..

How many times do you have sex in a week? - he he he

Are you a myspace addict? - Nope?

Do you believe in God? - ...

What is your fave type of underwear? - I loveee boy shorts and thongs =D

Do you like snow? - They look pretty but no.

Winter or summer? - I will have to say summer...but I prefer Winter Fashion more.

When are weddings better, when its cold or hot? - Err..Cold? Hot.face get all sweaty
and gross..hahaa

What is the best thing that has ever happened to you? - My first real Interview for Fashion Retail Store:P

Do you believe in ghosts? - YAHHHHH

How old are you? - 20 babbyy!~

What is your favorite sport? - Tennis and I guess now UFC..

Are you farts loud *lol*? - Mmm no..=O

Take This Survey at

PostHeaderIcon I'm Hungryy mom

Volume 1; The life of a CAT.
Episode 2; I'm Hungry


PostHeaderIcon FOTD - Using L.A Colors, Smashbox and MAC

Yesterday..I end up doing a review on L.A Colors Cosmetics. I was pretty satisfied with everything except their eyeliners. Eyeshadow goes on nicely.. I think this pink/orange shade made my eyes a little bit tired...I don't know I hope they come out with MATTE colors in shades of 5. This is what I came up with using L.A Colors, Smashbox and MAC products.

--- Product Used ---

Face Brushes : MAC #150,#131, Smashbox #23,#13

Face Products : Say Yes to Carrots Moisturizer, Studio Fix Fluid NC35, Studio Tech Foundation NC40, Smashbox Blush Rush in Crush, MAC Select Moisturecover NC35, MAC Prep and Prime Translucent Powder

Eye Brushes : MAC #275,#239, Smashbox #21

Eye Products : Wet N' Wild Brow Kit, Wet N' Wild Mega Protein Mascara, UDPP, Quo False Full Lashes in #804, L.A Colors Eyeliner in Black, L.A Colors 5 Metallic Shades, DUO Eyelash Adhesive Waterproof Glue, MAC f/l Blacktrack, ShiSeido Eyelash Curler

Lip Products : L.A Colors Gloss in Butterscotch, MAC Cremestick Liner in Creme of Spice

--- More Photos ---

I was using MARC ANTHONY GLOSS product:)


PostHeaderIcon Review: L.A Colors Cosmetics

I've decided to do a blog review on some of these L.A Colors cosmetics I have. I wanted to see how well these products are, since I actually love their nail products:). I checked out their website and there was sooooo many things..that I want to try..So I went down Designer Cosmetics and purchased few of their items. Here are the products I have and what I think of it=)

LIPSTICK - LIP396 Pink Sand
What Do I think: Goes on nicely and doesn't crack my lip.. Product: 4/5

GLOSSY LIPS - LG832 Pink Icing, LG838 Nude, LG833 Butterscotch, LG835 Candy Sprinkles
What Do I think: I love all their lipgloss! They go on smooth and like it says on the tube "moisturizing" The swatches are in order :) .. I would have to rated this Product: 4/5

This is how it looks like...Ouu matches my nails:P haha

5 Colors Metallic Eyeshadow - EP24 Unforgettable
What Do I Think: The colors shows up nicely with just one stroke..but it also comes off easily.. I think if you have a good eyeshadow base it should last longer and just apply it there and there..The only downfall is that the colors are really shimmery but again it say Metallic. Haha I will have to also give this Product: 4/5

Auto Eyeliner - AE661 Black
What Do I Think: It's retractable so that's a plus but the color doesn't last at all. I realize I have to draw it on a few time to make it really dark =O...I drew it on and then on the other half.. I just wipe off with my index..It came off pretty easily..I rate this liner Product: 2/5

I like their nail polishes so that is a 5/5 for me:P If I have more of their poduct I will add on to this list:) I know I will be purchasing their Lip Glosses and lipstick and their eyeshadows. To actually check out what else they sell go to their website:P..

Thanks for reading:P

PostHeaderIcon Slept in =[

Boooo I woke up at 3PM today..because last night we stayed up until 5AM! I was so upset because.. I didn't want to sleep in..WASTE a whole day. Wakakakaka. Also.. Minoux was so cute today!~ hehe. I also did my nails using L.A Girls in MATTE Flat Finish nail color: NL538 Matte Baby Pink & L.A Color Art Deco nail polish designs in NA903{Silver Glitter}, NA902{Black} and NA901{White} to finish my nails I put a clear coat using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. Heres my nails :) Kinda messy hehe.

My nails.. haha just trying to practice using the brush

Product I used:D

Ken's mom end up making some stir fry..delicious..Later on the night.. Ken wanted to get some Yu Gi Oh cards haha.. We decided to go to Shoppers World and I end up going to Winners to see what's good. I saw my PUMA CREATE Perfume, FOR $14.99CAD and I purchased it FULL PRICE for just 50ML. I was sooooo madd. I end up buying it :D hehe I love the bottle and of course the smell. I ran out of one bottle already so I end up purchasing the 50ML @ Shoppers Drug Mart for $20CAD..but TODAY when I saw the 75ML for 14 bucks.. I just had to grab it. Just incase I ran out again. heheh.. Heres what it looks like:D

One of my favourite smell.. Sniff ME!!! =p

After Winner we end up going to BENIX and ecverything there is always something I want. What can I say..I love home decor and having new kitchen toys. =D I liek cooking I ike learning new recipes. I just like going to stores like BENIX, JYSK, BARNES &CASTLE..etc. I alo love electronic but they can be kindaaaa pricy for my pocket HAahaha.. Since bf work at Future shop.. Cough..* That'd be great.. DISCOUNTTTSSS hahaha.. =D anyways heres what I bought at Benix today..Nothing soo special I just felt like taking a photo. Hahaha It was $4.99CAD heheh:P

Set of four Hi Ball glasses which is a glass tumbler containg 8 to 12 fluid ounces, perfect for mixed drinks

I got hungry AGAIN... so I stopped by EDO Japan! It's one of my favourite place at the food court for UDON Soup!~~Ilove it..the only downside is that.. Well, it's kinda expensive for just one bowl of soup. It came up to like $9.80CAD for just soup =(. I want to make the same soup they have..I've tried looking for their recipe. No luck.. My soup base doesn't taste the same Booo hooo. UDON is a noodle soup with carrots and mushroom and cabbage with either.. SHRIMP Yum, beef or chicken or veggie. hehe. Anyways heres me and my soup =(.


Here is some other random things I bought today..

Bf organized his YU GI OH deck...Nice:)

We came home around 9:30PM and just played with Minoux and I just organized some stuff around the room.. Gettting ready to move downstair soon. I can't wait! At the moment, we are living upstair Ken' parents house and were renting out their basement. The dude who live there.. is leaving this Friday morning! Yayy!!!!! I can't wait.. I like organizing and cleaning up..Weird.but I do. I am just so excited !!!:D So, we dropped off Ken's brother at work and picked up Vin:) He's such a dork. Hehe..he said he will be dressing up like a Chicken this halloweeennn ahahah.. I'm sooooo going to take a pic of him in his dinki costume:D Heheh. We're still not sure if we're going clubbing that night but.. for sure whenI'm done cleaning up the basement..we're prob going to pre-drink downstair:D Oka..That's all for today:) Oh and one more thing..for those who lives near Brampton..theres a place call SONNY's..they sell the BEST burger hahaha:D Ohhh and I also talked to Sandra when I got home.. I'm so happy..I miss her alreadyy. I was really close with Sandra at work...outside of work and really..someone I could talk to about anything..hahah and I mean anything!!! This is me and Sandra back in the days :D hehe. 2 years babe and still going :D <3 you!!

Alright..thanks for reading everyone..This is it for today:)
Take care and don't forget to leave any comments andddd add me up:D
Byee guys:)

PostHeaderIcon Yesterday/ Today Post

YESTERDAY: One of my happiest day! I got the job at REITMANS. =] I really want to work in a FASHION RETAIL STORE and my interview went really well. I start next Monday! Yayyyy!!! Also..Phuong, Ken and I decided to hang out and go for SUSHIII after my interview! :p! She wanted to try out the New Sushi place down Bartley Bull Pkwy, "Tokyo Maki Sushi". She loved it! I want to show you more photos from the Sushi Place:)

Seaweed Salad with Crab..I always order this:)

Corn Salad..Which is kinda..blah..

Calamari :) Pretty Goooddd :)

MM honest I can't remember what it is... =/

After we were done lunch we decided to go Square 1! I end up getting bF new dress shoes from Aldo:) and new socks. I got myself UDPP, MAC Concealer and Mac Lip Liner in Spice? Ohh and bF gott meee a new bag from Aldo =p I love it. Here is a picture of the bagg and bf dress shoes=]

bF shoes front, side and bottom:)

My new purse front,inside and back =D

To wrap up the evening..I told Phuong that I'm going to learn to play Yu Gi Oh with Ken and his Brother.. Yes, I know.. Wth? hahahah It looks interesting and his brother said there was tournament at the mall nearby our house. I want to win some moneyyy hehehe... bF and I bought a tin box and I got a starter kit each!!~:D.

My YU GI OH Set:)

Bf Set


TODAY: Yah.. I had to post yesterday post in this post:D haha I got lazy when I got home yesteday..Today I went to Future Shop with bF to drop off his direct deposit information and then headed to Bramelea to drop off my references @ REITMANS:) I end up walking by Designers Cosmetics and picked up few things:D Here it is..

When we got home we just cuddle and played with kitty.. Bf was considering to get DJ HERO... but we're prob going to read reviews about it since it just came out. He also wanted to get Forza game.. I might just end up getting it for him.. Surprise:P heheh!!! Shh:) Well, kittty looks like she wants some petting. Good night for now. I just finish blogging..its 2am. hhaha =]


PostHeaderIcon Oka...

Oka...Today.. I ate Pho..I miss Anh & Phuong..

PostHeaderIcon What a nice day =]

I finally finnished updating most of all my older entries. =p Pretty much ignore the entry post date.. the date in gray is the actually date for the event. =]

Now, let's write about today entry. First this morning.. bf and I got up around 9AM and got ready for bF interview @ FutureShop. He applied for a technician / sales position. I end up just wandering around the LCD section...and there I met Barry a nice Salesman. He was explaining well really teaching me about all kinds of tv out there. I was originally looking at the Samsung LED TV.. but then Barry also said that you know Sharp is on the top.. LG is seccond.. I'm looking for something stylish..but also..durability is one of the key thing I was lookkingg at:P I don't want a nice TV and then it's gong to break down on me next month haha.. Anyways.. after that Bf was finnished his interview and he will be starting work in two weeks =] Yay congrats bf!

We also dropped by Sherway Garden and I end up picking up a 3 items..
1. MAC Studio Tech Foundation because I realized that I should wear SPF foundation during night -time photos.. We're going to go clubbing this year for Halloween so..I wanted to get a foundation without SPF.

2. I also got gloves for my costume outfit @ Aldo's Accessories! I'm going to dress up as a Japanese School Girl. =] hahaha

3. bF got his pair of Teacher Glasses for Halloween. He is being a Japanese Teacher =__=;;

Oh and they always have food samples!!! hehe When we got home.. Ken's mom was about to start prepping and making pho {Vietname Noodle Soup} .. I watched and learned. Tomorrow we will be eeating it.. =D muhahah I can;t wait.. His mom makes awesomenes food haha!!! =] She aleady taught me how to cut and make fish and wintermelon soup mm.. and yeah learn to store every meat into the freezer, by cutting them into pieces and easier for her to cook later...since she gets off work around 5 she doesn't have the time to prep/cut everything..So she gets them ready ahead of time:P Oh and it is UFC night the boys wanted to go watch it at Boston Pizza!:P The first time I hung out with bF he brought me to TN house..had few beers and watch UFC hahaha:P At first I was like uhhhh wthh they look gay.. haha but it was pretty interesting. They wanted to watch the match between Lyoto Machida vS. Shogun Rua. Vin was going to cry if Machida lost. Hahah Prettyy much everyone wanted him to win..right? Since he is the Heavy Weight Championship .. Thoughout, his whole match.. I say he did well in his 3rd round.. They have 5 round since its a championship match. Personally..I think Rua should have won.. but meh it was unanimous decisions =[/ Meh.. Oh well... Oh and here is some photo's from tonight:P!~
UFC first match =__=

Jodee Pouting. "I dislike these wings =(..foking waitress" ahaha

My food - Alfredo Fettucine with Mushroom...Rating : 6.5/10

Bf food - Spicy Italian Sausage Penne...Rating : 6/10

Vincent food - Mama Meaty Penne..Rating : 6/10 this is it..that's all for Saturday Night.. haha it's 3AM so its going to post as Sunday =] Haha Thhankss for reading.. Good nnighttt!:~

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