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Hey Girls=D
I changed my blogged layout TODAY. I've been looking for something more simple..My last one was really crowded! I really liked it but it was just meh. I changed it to this..because I know I won't get so bored of it and plus it's simple:D Right? It is NOVEMBER 30th now:) 2:32AM Tommorroww is my 2 YEARS Anniversarrryy with bF =/

Yes, I've finally found someone that truly understand who I am. He knows me in and out hhaha:P I'm really happy that things are going really well:D I hope that it will still go on and on:D

Well, I will probably write more today...It's getting late and I'm pretty pretty tired:D hehe I'm so used to sleeping late. Bad Bad Bad:(
Good night & take careee!


PostHeaderIcon Help me decideee whichhh lighting?!:|

Hiiii Everyone:) How are you guys doing? :D Oka, so I've been looking around the house for a place with better lighting.. I know natural light is the best for lighting..but since I live in the basement..Well..You don't get Sunlight? Hahah:D Oka..So, I was checking out my fish today and Ta Da..THE FISH TANK..LIGHTING :| I moved it so I can see it:) and well this is how the lighting go:p Also, in these pictures..I've been using the PURE Cosmetics:) Each lighting setting has different eye make up on:P

This is using Fish Tank Lighting WITH FLASH

This is using Fish Tank Lighting WITHOUT FLASH

This is using Kitchen Lighting WITH FLASH

This is using Kitchen Lighting WITHOUT FLASH

This is using Bathroom Lighting WITH FLASH

This is using Bathroom Lighting WITHOUT FLASH

I don't know.. wht do you guys think? I'm not sure which lighting is really good in order to show colors I'm using.. I didn't want to do many looks if I don't have great lightin. I'm prob going to look for an actual proper vanity lighting soon. Meanwhile..I have to use these lighting.. Just don't know whichhhh!~ Anywhoo.. I think I'll show you guys swatches from PURE make up sooonn:)

PostHeaderIcon All Clean + New Tank + PURE Cosmetics!~

Today..I got a DRY Shampoo for Minoux!~ She was starting to look kind of dirty hahaha no I'm joking. I always wanted to take a bath for my pet. I thought I was going to be having a puppy..but I end up having a kitty soooo I wanted to take my Minoux a bath. Minoux is scared of what I had to do.. is look for something else that can clean her without touching water...

Minoux with all her cleaning product..I got the OUT Stain & Odor remover, just incase.

Bf giving her a gooooddd rubbb:D

Bf also got a bigger fish tank this morning:D We end up putting everything together and it looks amazing! I miss my old fish.. Now I have so many fish =/ I love my Minoux more..Fishes can be bf's pet:| hahaha.. Heres the new tank!

Lookieee..Bf created this heart from rocks and the tetra's fish are swimming around it!!!

Later on the evening...I rememmberredd my bestie saying PURE Cosmetics were on sale .. 50% OFF GUYS!!! Hurrry while quantity last. So..I called and check Rexall Store to see if any of their store carry PURE makeup. I was put on hold for a while. I just end up getting ready and just pick one location near us. Yayy! PURE IS HERE!!! YIPPIEEE! I realized that it says offer ends MAR 12, 2010..due to end distribution. I guess their line wwon't be here anymore... Same thing happen to RED EARTH Cosmetics. If you know me..I'd like to take advantage of these kinds of deals... Here is what I got today.

Planning to go back for more later.. I hope they go on sale for 75% !!! Then, I'd go crazyyy I'll write a review and information about the product on it tommorow:D Getting kind of tired.. 4:25 AM guys!!!! Alright, good night for now:D I'll be up in about mmmm 4.5HOURS!

Cindy<3 yahh

PostHeaderIcon Nails + Trip to the pet store and etc... >:)

Hi Hi everyone.. Today..I end up doing my nails before I had to work..I try to keep my nails clean and prettyy!!! Once my nails are chipped..
I have to re-do them..I realize people to look at your hand when you're doing cash..putting clothes away and such.. I try my best to keep them looking prettyy.. Here's my nail:D I did two different designs...

I finished work at 5:00pm today and decided to go to the pet store at the mall. I saw so many cute kitties and puppies! I also saw my Minoux when she was a baby. I wish I had Minoux when she was a kitten. I think they are so cute, but I learned that female cats are more independent which is a downfall.. I always wanted a puppy, but I end up with a kitty.. I love Minoux so much, she's cute..BUT she just wonders by herself and well..she doesn't like getting picked up. My bf''s brother wanted us to get more fish..Fish are boring ... we have them as pet also..but meh they don't excite me... Oka, so I took some pictures of pets in the store..I just thought they were so cute:

Before heading to the pet area..I was walking down the isle and guess what I saw..PET HEAD.. ahahah.. I thought this was know BED HEAD Hair Product Brands... have it for pet..hhaha

This is the fish that I wanted to get :D Telescopic Eye Gold Fish

This is a regular gold fish: The one above is cuter

Some cute parrots? They were posing while..I took their picture:P

"Ohhhh Noooooooo....She's leavinggg the Store...!!!!!!!!!!!" said mouse..

Alright, so after we head to Shoppers World.. I decided to go to OCEAN's to look around for food..I end up gettting cupcakes..:D Remember thhese:D

Later on the night.. bf's brother had to go to we drove him to work and I stopped by Wal-Mart.. I was feeling artsy.. I wanted to get new color pencil crayon.. I was looking for Laurentien Brands..but they were out of stock.. So I saw this other brands REEVES...which I bought Paint and Oil Paint from their company before which is pretty good.. I decided I give a try with these color crayons =D.. I ran out of shampoo.. I always use TRESEMMEE but I wanted to try HERBAL ESSENCE.. I never used theirs before..but it smells so goood..So fruityy:D

Alright..that's all for today:) I hope everyone have a good dayyyy!!! Take care guys!!~


PostHeaderIcon MAC Warm & Cozy Collection for Winter 2009

MMmM Oka, so I didn't go to bed yet. I can't sleep. It's 2:30AM and I can't fall is up with me also..h's just playing his game on PSP. Guess..what I'm doing? I have been on for a longest time. It's one of my favourite site for my make up junkie source thing a magic thing...I don't know:P I'm on her site right now and I see theres a new MAC COLLECTION this December..I didn't get anything from MAGIC, MIRTH AND MISCHIEF I just didn't really find something I like much....Well.. from this new Collection... mmmmMMmmm I think I want a few things:D BUT...there isn't any swatches of the product yet..
So, once I see the color and decide that I like them..I'll add more to the list..for now..This is what I like:D




Most of them are limited edition..but some has been remoted. I reallly like lipstick color:D It's a Creamy mid-tone neutral pink accoding to the site information..Best of all.. I love MAC amplified lipstick, the texture it's nice and creammyyyy and shows up really nice on the lip!!!!I really want to try their shadestick..which is a Frosted light golden yellow color:D I can use this as a base!!! Their Mineralize Skinfinish that I want is golden pink color. I actualy do like their MSF because it gives your skin a nice glow! I like I like:D I already purchased the Lip Conditioner Stick SPF 15..Feels like silk on the lip..but this is just a normal chapstick. I do use it alot..and almost ran out. The good thing is that it has SPF15:p Good Good. Any other chapstick will do for me. :) I also notice that they came out with Care Blends Essential Oils which is going to be permanent. Hmm.. I might try them later on.. Anyways.. that's my list.. Not much BUT I want to see them in person first before actually writting a bunch of list and then get dissapointed later.. because the color or feels..wasn't what I thought it would be. Check out for their collection photos!!!

Thanks for visitinggg:D


PostHeaderIcon Deals Deals Deals:D

Hi guys..
I decided to make this a separate post:) Do you love Fragrances & Cosmetics? Well, If you answered yes...Then this is the deal you might be waiting for:D Canadians, visit your local THE BAY department.and there you will discover all the deals. Other than the fact that I love cosmetics..I also love fragrances. I was flipping through the flyers and there is a few things I've been really in love with... The deals start: Friday, Nov. 20 2009 to Thursday, Nov. 26 2009

Here is just a list of what I'm planning to grab..or want?!~

This is the front cover! I only have a few things from Estee Lauder, their mascara. I really like what they have here, especially the lipstick colors. Their deal is if you purchase any Estee Lauder fragrance and you can receive a gift set value worth more than $325CAD for only $65.

This is also a similar deal, but you dont have to get Fragrances:P You can buy any lancome products at a value of $34CAD and spend another $65 to get thi gift set. This gift set value is $313!! I really want this..although the lipstick color may be a bit to dark..for my everyday, but heyyy i like the box:D hahha

The other thing that I've been eyeing is ..the Bay Beauty Palette.. I love make up. I'm not sure if the pigment color pays off. But it sort of remind me the Sephora palette box, which they use to have. It comes with 42 eyeshadows, 4 blushes, 2 bronzing powders, 7 lip shades, 2 lip pencils, 2 eyeliners plus their make up brush and applicator:P I don't know why but I really want it. Another thing on this page I want is the Lise Watier Mini Eye Glitter Liners.. I purchased their glitter from their line and I love it.. I've used it on Anh and she likes it too. :D Its for $29 and since I don't use it all the time.. I'm oka if they are mini size.

There are few other items that I want.. But you should really check out their sales. It's really good if you are looking a Christmas present for mom, friends, girlfriends and such. Right now their deals are pretty good.. and if your are looking to go cheaper .. Check out WINNERS..they have lots of fragrances different brands for a pretty good deal. :) Well..that's what I wanted to share with you guys! Remember this starts Friday, Nov. 20 2009 to Thursday, Nov. 26 2009 I know I should of post this earlier..BUT I just receive it.. Yahhhhh damn alright:o Take care guys..:O I just realized I have two days.. about. GRRR

Cindy<3 *UPDATE: After work todayy, Tuesday, November 24th..I decided to check out the deals.. I really like both. Sets:D Good news..the deal is up for two more weekS@@@ Yayy:D!~~ I prefer the Lancome box over the Estee Lauder box. :)

PostHeaderIcon Lovely life in water + Dinner + FOTD; Deeply in Love:)

Today, I end up waking up at 2PM. BAD BAD BAD. I was so tired from last night..that I got up grumpy. Hahah.. I hate waking up late. I just get very crankyy.. I wanted to get up and actually go for a run..because lately I feel veryy mmMm.. Wobbelee. I just diddn't accomplish that goal.. I am feeling alot better today so anyways, I was looking at my fish tank today and I realized that my snails are actually growing pretty fast. Bf thinks they actually look really cute. Here's my fish tank now:D!~

What's for Dinner today..? Hmmm..Well, bF and I finally used the M&M Meat Shop Gift cards. 2X $25 Yes, $50 worth of foods.. I picked up Teriyaki Chicken breast which was on sale for $16 for dozen breast. I picked up their best ICE CREAM!! Strawberry Shortcake yumm, Bf got some Onion Rings & Buffalo Chicken Pizza! I LOVE EVERYTHING THERE.. I didn't know that their meats was all frozen. When, I got home.. I took out a Non-Stick Fried Pan and I didn't put any oil..because I was scarreddd that the Teriyaki sauce might of came off..I was wrong.. the pan was burnt.. The chicken on the outside was also bit burnt, and the inside was raw. I didn't think it was that bF suggested that we should put it in the Oven and baked it for bit.. Everything was fine. :) The Chicken was still really JUICYY:) We also cooked some Butter Spinach, Carrots & Potatoes :D The carrots was a bit ermm overcooked..but that's oka..I'm not sooooo picky hahah..When you're hungry evrything is good Hehe.. So, here is my Food:|

Last thing...I played with my make up today:) I was cleaning some of my make up and well..I guess I felt like doing my make up. I went more on the pink/red/purple side and used HK Lashes..It's been a while since I've used them..They are really dramatic! That's why I love themm.. I haven't visited Ebay..for a long time either. I think I should order more:D The only downfall with those lashes comparing to my QUO lashes is could feel could feel that the lashes are there.. QUO lashes are really comfortable. I buy them when they are on sale.. Heheh:D alright so here is my face for today :)

--- Product Used ---

Face Brushes : MAC #150,#131, Smashbox #23,#13

Face Products : Say Yes to Carrots Moisturizer, Studio Fix Fluid NC35, MAC Select Moisturecover NC35, MAC Prep and Prime Translucent Powder

Eye Brushes : MAC #275,#239, Smashbox #21

Eye Products : Wet N' Wild Brow Kit, Revlon Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara, NYX Doll Eye Mascara, UDPP, HK False Full Lashes, MAC Purple Haze e/s, MAC Rice Paper e/s, MAC Nylon e/s, MAC Post Haste e/s, JOE Black e/s, DUO Eyelash Adhesive Waterproof Glue, MAC f/l Blacktrack, ShiSeido Eyelash Curler

Lip Products : MAC Nude Rose l/s
--- More Photos ---


PostHeaderIcon Seafood & Chicken Congee + FOTD; Feeling the Blue

This post is for yesterday.. I was getting pretty tired so I didn't felt like posting this. Bf went to ask his mom how to make Seafood & Chicken Congee..Since, I wasn't feeling so well. I got up and helped him make the Congee. I know it's not hard..but the last time I made it was a while ago and it didn't taste so great. Bf told me that his momma makes the best I we made it.. Took about 45 Min and it tasteeeee realllyy good..Only downfall is that I used frozen seafood. I know fresh would of been alot better..but I was hungry hahah.. Heres a picture of my Congeee.. Kinda look boring hahha but the taste is lovely:D

Now to my FOTD :)...I decided to play with my make up and well.. I decided to play on the blue side. I didn't really get any inspiration..I just felt like playing with blue yesterdayy. Here is a few photos and what I've used..

--- Product Used ---

Face Brushes : MAC #150,#131, Smashbox #23,#13

Face Products : Say Yes to Carrots Moisturizer, Studio Fix Fluid NC35, MAC Select Moisturecover NC35, MAC Prep and Prime Translucent Powder

Eye Brushes : MAC #275,#239, Smashbox #21

Eye Products : Wet N' Wild Brow Kit, NYX Doll Eye Mascara, UDPP, Quo False Full Lashes in #804, MAC Clarity e/s, MAC Rice Paper e/s, Red Earth Caribbea Sea e/s, JOE Black e/s, DUO Eyelash Adhesive Waterproof Glue, MAC f/l Blacktrack, ShiSeido Eyelash Curler

Lip Products : MAC Blankety l/s
--- More Photos ---

PostHeaderIcon More updates sigh*** + Anh !

Alright, so this is just another post to my updates..ahaha I'm starting to get annoyed of things pretty easily now.. I also wanted to post something to my friend ANH.. I've been wanting to call her...but days that I'm acutally available..well she's at school. ANH if you read this.. hehe THIS IS FOR YOU..for your attention. he he he

I acutally really wanted to come down this weekend.. but I couldnt..becaause of this thing called "work". ..It's a Sunday night..and I'm sure you are prob sleeping by now.. I told you that I would update my blog... for you. To let you know how I am doing.. WELL RETAIL.. IS BUSY.. especially near the holidayy.. BUSY BUSY BUUSYY.. I've been running around the store helping women with clothing and doing cash and such. When..I can come down its like WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY OFF.. It kinda sucks..because my schedule isn't always consistant..BOO.. So right now I have monday off... then TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY work..FRIDAY & SATURDAY I'm on call.. Training right now I guess.. and it's kinda..annoying? I wish.. I have weekends off or something..but it's not always the same.. How you been? School is good? I hope everything is well... and I've been reading your blog daily.. YOU should also try to update it often so I know you're doing oka also.:) I also have spoken to bF about the computer and he said that everything should of been fine, but we are willing to come down and see it again.. =[ Sorry about that..Alright.. well I'm getting kind of sleepyy too.. I'll just finish this post andddd I'll try my best to update it often for you ahaha:P I really do miss you and your brother and my families.. and school and everything.. !!! I hope we can see each other soon!!!

Love Cindy!!!!

Now to my updates...***

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The boyfriend got his new XBOX360. He got his exchange...since it was making lots of noise and did not run very great.. Well, today he received his replacment:| I also colored my hair dark. Since.. the blondee color was too much.. hard to maintain..and well I'm working for Reitman's and my appearance is important.. I want people to take me serious... I guess you can say I'm trying maintain a proffessional look? ahha. I love blondee hair and extensions and wearing the clothes I love..but now I represent for Reitman clothing and well I want to look more like what Reitman ladies would look..Designed for Real Life:P hahaha I actually really love their is something I would wear..Check out their Promo right now :) spend over $50CAD before tax today and you will receive a $25CAD Saving Cards.. Check out one near you and you will know mor eabout the deals:P hahhaha.. yes advertisment!

Oka so this is my new hair color now...

I used CLAIROL Perfect 10.. 5A - Medium Ash Brown. I gotta say.. I'm loving the new color and how the application with the brush.. Prettty nice.. bf did my hair and he said...out of all the hair dye..this one was really nice to apply..and its nice and creamy.. was ready to wash out.. Oh MANN the conditioner that comes with the hairdye box. are always the best!! I like it! I like the smell and everything!! ahaha Well guys.. I look like a nerd now =[!~ hahaha Especially wearing my glasses.. sigh.. now more being a brat.. :p That's all for now take careee!!

Loveeeee Cindyxoxox:D

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