Lovee Ya!~


PostHeaderIcon I'm still alive:)

I know I haven't blog for hMmm MORE THAN 2 WEEKS NOW?!? i will start again..been very busy with work and plus my family came to visittt:D I miss my mom and dad alot. Tata my little sister and Kenny my brother are here and they are staying until this Friday! I will do mor e updates soon.. I just want to let you guys know I'm doing very well and I hope your Christmas was good + I hope you guys have a gooooddddd New year eve and New year day ahaha. I'll be blogging after the kids are gone:P

Takeee caree loveliesss:D

PostHeaderIcon White Polka Dot on Blue:D

Hii :D

I did my nails the other day.. I just didn't have time to post it. I will blog more tommoroww..It's 2 AM. I gotta work tommmorroww.. I just got one day off this whole weeeek. Boo hoo ='( I love working but damnit. Hahah. I told you guys that ya knwo if my nails chip I gotta re-do them and all.. well I just recently did this and now.. It's chipped already. I gotta do them tomorrroww morning:p Heres what it looks like:D

I used :
Ardene Nail Polish in 8A-5035 {Blue}

What do you guys think? I still need to practice more. Kinda lazy lately buttt I'lltry to play around with colors more..later:P Alright..Going bed now..this is jsut a quick update:D Goood nightt guys!~


PostHeaderIcon Trying to figure out something new..

This post is for TODAY:)
Bf had to go to work Bf's dad drove me to work and well he kinda told me to be tough and don't let anyone step on you:P Good advice no? He said if you need to complain DO it. Say something and never let anyone tell you what to do.. :) It was an interesting conversation:D Before, work as the usual I end up taking a bunch of photo and playing with Minoux! I just realized that today after putting on my mascara that my lashes were Decent hahah. I always complain about how short and boring they look.. I took a picture on the side and I realized it wasn't that bad..but I still want it more full:D Heres that picture:O

My lashes look alright here:P hahaha

Too badd they don't loook long enough in ful size photo:| Only in person you can see it:(

More's random...jsut felt like posting them:D hahaha

My Minoux:D

I lovee my Versace Lipstick + the Red Earth lipgloss:D

Oka..that's all for the photo..So, I end up working until 6:30PM today. Everything went really well today, unlike yesterday that lady:(.. At the moment I am trying to figure out how I'm going to organize my make up:( This is how I used to organize my make up. This picture was taken mm in September 09?

This was taken in London..That's all the compact and blush and i dont know just

This how I store my lipglosses and mm shadows? Glitters..blabla

That's how it looks.It wasn't everything but yah I recently just found this photo.. that's what it looks like before in London... I'm trying to think of ways to organize my make up..I want to do mm something more of a custom'll draw it tommroow and then I'll post it up:| hahaha:D I'm going bed now I'm getting pretty tired:| its.. almost 1AM. Boo:(
Goodd nightt guys<3


PostHeaderIcon Ranting about work + Inglourious Basterds/ :)

Heyy Heyyyy:P

Yesterday..I worked from 10:00AM- 7:00PM, I was put into the store front and I just want to say that sometimes it's fun and sometimes it succkkksss. Oka, I love helping people..but I don't like it when people take advantage of your goodness. Ya know what I mean? I was helping this woman, she was really nice and everything..introduced herself and asked my name..

At first, she found the style of pants she liked, but didn't want to spend more than $40CAD. SO, I grabbed her a size 13 and 11 in the Black Dress pants section. She kept looking in the sale section, which didn't have much variety. I told her that these Black Dress pants are also on sale but not much from the original price which is $40CAD and it was on sale for $36CAD. I told her that the sale section is only what is left and if theres only a size 11 left in that particular style..that's it. She kept saying oka and goes to the back change room and tried the Black Dress pants I gave her and she grabbed a size 11 in the Grey Dress pants from the sales rack. I believe they were $19CAD.

I was taking care of the table in the front and she yells out CINDY! I walked towards her to see how everything went.. She kept the one of the Black Dress pants in size 11 and that Grey Dress pants in size 11. She told me she like the Grey dress pants more and she wants me to look for the same one in size 13. I helped her look..but there was none in size 13.. Only 3, 5, 9 and 11. She puts on her glasses and told me that the size 13 fits her better not realizing that she was holding on to the Black Dress Pants in size 11, she meant to hold on to the size 13 but she put it somewhere and then..she said; Cindy where is that 13 you gave me.. ??

I told her Oh didn't you take it with you to the change room? She said yes but I came back and I put it in here..."The sales rack" everything was all over the I grab her another size 13 Black Dress's the same one but she said IT'S not..than she put on her glasses and then again realized it WAS the same one.. She said she didn't want to pay $36CAD and asked me to help her get a discount. I told her sorry, that's the price and theres nothing I can do.. As I was trying to explain to her again about the sales rack that whatever that's left, that's it. She got kind of angry and frustrated so she told me that she wanted ALL SIZE 13s in Grey color in the sales rack so she can try it and see how it fits. I asked her if she wanted ALL size 13s in grey.. She said yes..but told me to keep the Grey in 11 & Black Dress pant in size 13 just incase she decides to spend $40CAD.

I grabbed her all the size 13s she wanted from the sales rack. I put the pants she told me to hold on to into the front desk at the cash area with the girls so they can hold on to it for her. I then go back to the front and fix other racks and tables. 20 - 30Minutes later..I noticed one of my co-workers from the back that was taking care of the change rooms..brought all the pants that were on sale that the lady tried on back to the racks.. So I walked towards my co-worker and asked what happen. She told me she didn't like any of them and that it wasn't the same as the one she tried on which was the Grey in size 11..

My face was O_O .. I mean..jeeez woman ahah..I felt bad for my co-worker who had to deal with her in the back. She told me that the lady ended up buying just ONE pair and that was the Black Dress pant in size 13, the one I picked for her. The $36CAD one. It kind pissed me off...but again that's my job right? To satisfy my customer with their needs. Excellent Customer Service ya?>>

That's that. After work.. ----

I came home and watched Inglourious Basterds with bf and Dat...and ahhh my goshh.. I actually reallly like the movie. Brad Pitt;s accent and his character is pretty funny:)

I would rate this movie 8.5/10 because one of the cool guy died. It is a Quentin Tarantino film:P The guy who man Kill Bill and errr Pulpu Fiction.. I don't want to spoil the movie if you haven't watched it yet:P I mean if you are into history..WW11 time..bloodyy scene and errr ya know.. just into the's drama.. It's Nazi if you get kinda mm offended? It does have alot of mature content. I really like it but then again I like movies that is mm smart? ahahaha I don't know how to explain it.. You just have to watch it but yahh lots of brutal graphic just a warning:P

Bf, end up making this strawberry drink that night:D Frozen Strawberry, ICE, Strawberry Syrup and Strawberry Daquiri Mix..

So Delicious. Bf is always doing some cool drinks Hahah:D
So other than the work issue thing with the lady.. The movie and the drink made my day betterrr:) That's all for nowwww guyss hope you enjoy me ranting about work ahaha..Watch the movieee if ya daree:D
hahah take caree!~~


PostHeaderIcon Canada Computers Dinner Party:)

Hi guys..
I know I haven't blog for a while..been busy with work and ya know..Personal Life:p ahahha. The Dinner party was on Tuesday night. I will write what I can remember. How did I get to go to this Christmas dinner partyy? Well, bf works at Canada Computers now :) He told me that two years ago when he was working for them.. He went to the party and that they gavee away lots of prizes!!~ Lot's of food and so on. I was excited..he asked me to be his date ahhaha...Only one other guy who brought his date. The location was in Markham, past Pacific Mall. It was beautiful!~~ Here are few photos..

Me in the car waiting..That's how I did my make up..Pretty simple:D

Bf pumping some gas..I believe it was pretty cheap that day:P

The direction bf put in his phone:O Our version of our GPS. hahaha

This is what the dinner place call! Bf's lip got in the way ahhaha

My wine and table area:D .. We got our table set up last since there was stuff on the side.. We had to wait another 5-10 minutes.

The President of Canada Computers, Mr Chan:D Yahhhh we share the same last name:P ahaha. He seems like such a nice man. Very successs and very richh haha:P

After Mr. Chan's speech..we started dinner. Our first dish was BBQ Pork:)

Second Dish - Shrimp/ Scallops and Green peas..I believe it was Oyster or mushroom sauce. Delicious!

Third Dish - Crab Claw:D.. It's so cute and I love crab claws..who doesn't? hahah well, there was this annoying person that sat next to me..him and his gf wasted so much FOOOD. They didn't bother eating anything:S Grrr.

Fourth Dish - Shark Fin soup. Real shark fin soup!!~ The people who worked with bf doesn't seams to like it so they didn't bother trying so me and bf.. got their soup!~ Yummmiiii!~~

Fifth Dish - Portobello Mushroom & Bok Choy's Steamed

Break - All Canada's Computer Managers singing the Christmas carols.

Back to Dinner our Sixth Dish - Soy Sauce Chicken sprinkled with Sesame!@!~

Seventh Dish - LOBSTERRRRRR..ahh it was so gooood but i couldn't get it all.. it was stuck..+ so messy to eat them:(

Eighth Dish - Huge Fish with Steamed Broccoli.. I thought it was Calamari at first..

Ninth Dish - Eitherr noodles or Fried rice.:P I took noodles and bf had fried rice.. Noodles I had liek 3 dish or something..I wanted to eat the fried rice also..but it had onions =( Booo

Last Dish for Dinner was Desserrtt:D - Mango Pudding and Jello or cookies:D

That was the dinner.. We didn't end up winning anything but we did get table prizes.. Hahah I got some screw driver from Saphire..but I trade it in for headphones. I didn't need screwdrivers.. Bf said it was a good brand but meh. =P Bf was suppose to get a stuff Intel men..toy thingyy..but I guesss they ran out so.. He got that Box/ seat thing. I also got a universal travel adapter..haha and Heres what we brought from the Dinner party:D

:D The box/ seat thing look so put pops in there ahah.. It's good beccaause he is hiding them..and is not drinking so much POP:P

A close up:D

Well, guys overall the party was really great. I got to meeet bf's Manager, Kelvin. He seeem like such a ggreatt manager..He came to visit our table alot. Manager have their own tables, but Kelvin kept coming back with more wine and really he seems to care for his employee alot:D Making sure we have everything we needed!~ Sam, bf's old manager won a WII and Kelvin won the ASUS Netbook:P I was like awww man.. I wanted that:@ Lucky people. The only thing that I didn't enjoy much..was sitting with boring people. Hahah no offense the people at my table was veryy errmm BORING:| The guy and his gf kept yapping and being so disrespectful. They also wasted so muchh food. He kept talking over the president's speech and kept saying "Wth is he talking about? I don't understand..balbalbla" Dude just freaking listen and shut up and maybe try to understand it.. The majority of the people there was Chinese so of course their accent is a bit hard to understand..but maybe if you shut up and try to listen you might pick up a few things. ya know? They were really annoying.. and just BLAHHHH:@:@ I wish I didn't sit next to them. Everyone else was oka. =o Overalll..the dinner party was great and it was interesting!~ There was a belly dancer and I liked her hair color. Too bad she was so far.. Our table was Shiittyy. There was also.. a magic guy..which seems so mmm fake Hhahah.. like it wasn't like was mor elike.. Ohhhhh..I see ahahha:P Nothing too fancyy.. The nigh was really about prizes and you know awards and such. I would like to go again next year.. If bf is still working with them:p

That's all for the night:D Thankss forr reading guys.. !~
Take caree !~

PostHeaderIcon I like to take pictures >:] !~

Hi Guysss:P
This is for today:P I didn't have work today..I jsut cleaned up the house and ya know being a housewife like usual, while bf goes to work ahhaha.:P I watched coooking channel alll dayyy and end up just playing with make up and found my memory stick:| Piece of crrappp.!!! I just toook lots of photos today. I was pretty bored ya.. what to do on a Monday afternoon/ night:P When, bf got home we were suppose to go watch a movie..but bf didnt get home until 9 and well Jao and Jodee went around 7:40ish. Jao txted ken but he was he didn't see the msg until he was done work.. this is me playing with Make up and the bow I made hahaha mmm wearing my tights from Ardene..which cost $1CAD ahahha pretty good though..

Just finished doing make up:P & I'll write what I use tommorow:P

The bow I made:P Heheh Minnie Mouse:D and I also put it on bf while he was playing game..hahah:P

Now to my tights:P and just goofing off with the camera..Yah I know I'm a poser. Hahaha:D Outfit purchased from my store:P

Yahh..quite a bit of pictures..but I miss taking pictures.. I dont know why.. I just like posing ahahhaha and then show my bf my photo:D hahaha:| weirdo. These were taken in my rooom lighting..My hair color turns a reddish orangish because of the computer mouse lighting thing. It's pretty powerfull:D

Tommroroww.. is his Christmas party at work.. they going to have a bigggg dinner and bf asked me to be his date.. I blushed first and then I yelled out YESSSSSS I M COMINGGGGGGGG hahhaa.. :D I love food. right? I'm going to be very excited since he said the dinner is kind of like how Chinese wedddings..lots and lots of food..soup entress appetizerr ya know? He works at Canada Computer and yahhh the owner is Taiwanese/Chinese :D He's manager is really nice also!!! Ahh I can't wait for tommroow:P Oka guys i'mma head offf to bed now it's 2AM. Notice I always blog at this time:P ahahha or done at that time:| ahah

Goodd night Kiss:D

Love yahh!~~~

PostHeaderIcon FRIG BUS :(

This is for Sunday.. :P
I had to work earlyy morning, BF droved me to work but I had to bussed back after I was done work. Ohh and yesterday was my first time bussing to work... hahah it wasn't that bad..but I felt like such a noob:| I miss bussing.

My legs was still sore from dancing!!! Kind of felt good though..It's like I was working out or something hahha ya know?:D Well, so when I was done work..I end up waiting for the bus that goes to downtown. Waited for 40 minutes OUTSIDE and I wasn't dress warm well I didn't bring my scarf I fogot:( since I got a ride to work in the morning.. No hat no gloves.. My hair was tied up so my ears was freazingg!~ Then, when the bus got to the mall..I hopped on the bus and from downtown I had to wait for the 52 that gets me home. I waited for another 40 minutes!!!! My balls was going to ccommee off ahahah no im joking but yah it was mmm really freazing..and there was taxi which I was very tempted to take the taxi home..but it was only about 10 minute the way bus fare is $3.00CAD..Wth!!

Also..I forgot that there are so many creeps downtown. I hardly go out alone especially downtown..that I forgot theres bums out there and random people that talks to you for no reason or really has alot of bs talking..Pretty scary.. I need to carry some pepper spray or .. mm I dont know..just something to like protect myself.. Sigh.. First..I really need new boots..something that can keep me warm and can run at the same time..ahhaha =[

When I got home.. I felt like a big kiid.. It was quiet..but there was minoux:D Sitting on the couch waiting for her mommy to give her a biggg huggggggg and then she goes straigh to her food bowl. Minoux was hungry and so was mommy.. Ken's mom also gave us 2 calendars:D One was some dragon years.. and the other one was.. Ouuu lala:P ahahhaha heres me and the ouu lala calendar and my fish:D

That's alll really...for today..Bf is so frig cute when ge gets home..I'll take a picture of him in his work uniform.. makes me want to squeeze him until he farts:P HAHHhahha:D I don't know:D

Next Post is for MONDAY..TODAY:p

PostHeaderIcon Happy Birthdayy TN!!~

Hi guys..
I know I haven't been updating.. On Saturday..It was Tn's birthday and he decided that we should go to Body English nightclub. I had to work until 5:00PM and my appointment with Muffy was also at 5:00PM. When..I was finishing work..I realized that it says..I was scheduled until 5:30PM. I was =O ohh no. but my manager said it was oka to leave, since it wasn't busy.

I got to the Estee Lauder counter and there was Muffy:D She is suchhh a cool girl! Nice to talk to!! I told her I wanted something smokey dark for the club. She did what I wanted. I also got individual lashes on!~ I didn't take a picture there because well.. I realized that my memory stick wasn't there. =O. Battery was really low.. I end up staying at the mall until 8 since bf was done work then and can pick me up. I went to Urban Behavior, to grab my $20CAD dress haha..I realized that it's just one night and yahh didn't want to spend more than $50CAD on a dress for jsut the night. After, I was done we went to get some food and head home to get ready.

When, we got home I went to look for my memory stick but idea where I left it. Also.. I went to spray my perfume on and.. Argh I meant to spray on my neck..and well the first time I pump to spray..there was nothing so I looked and accidently sprayed and got into my eyes.. :S My eyes was really wateryy and well the lashes I had to take off and cleaned my eyes..I rubbed it lightly because I didn't want the whole thing to rub off. :( But my lashes was coming out since I kept tearing... MUFFY IF YOU READ THIS.. SORRRYYY =( I love your work. I got pretty grumpy..couldn't find the memory stick.. and well I fixed my eyes quick..but Vin;s brother came so we could go to TN's to pre-drink. I was not in a good mood. Bf kept saying it was oka. It's in the dark, but I was sad..because I really liked what Muffy did and I didn't get a chance to take a picture of when I got it done!~.

I found a 1GB memory stick which was used up and I had to deleted some photos for new photos to fit..since I couldnt find the 4GB. Didn't have time to charge for my camera..but this is how I look normally when I go to work..& then Muffy work without the lashes :( and my cheeks were rubbed off so I had to re-do some parts:(

This is how I look like at work@~

The make up :( Needed the lashes. Rush Rush Rush so much that night =[

See you can see my eyes were still red and gross :( I'm so stupid and it was such bad luck that day.. Luckily when we got to TN..I felt better and I met his gF and her friend!~ They are both very pretty@!~ UFC was on so the boys watched that before we left..There was also food that TN's mom made. mMmMM Spicyy but delicious!!~~ I felt alot better!~~ Here are few photos:D

The Birthday Boy:D TN

Lovely couple Jao & Jodee

Jodee & I

Yummi Drinks + Camera Died:(

I had an amazingg nighttt!~ Everyone seems like they hadd a good time=p I love dancing especially with my baby:D He so handsome. Too bad didn't even have a photo with him..but there was Chris who took some photo of us..Hopefully, I get to see them soon:D at least Someone was prepared:( Blahhh:P

Alright next post is for Sundayy!~

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