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Last week, my brother Rithy came down to visit. This is just a quick update of what we did.

I took him out to eat at Sam's Wu, which is a Dimsum restaurant near bf's workplace! The food was oka, but the funny thing was when I added the bill it was ONLY suppose to be about $20CAD since we didn't order so much. The bill was actually $52CAD. Like wth..haha they charged us full price for CONGEE it wasn't part of the Dimsum deal thing! CASH only haha..

Anyways, after we were done eating we went back to bf's store to pick up a Samsung SMX-C10RN camera that I got for my brother. I know he loves making video with his friends! It has 10X Optical Zoom, 2.7" LCD Display SD Flash Memory Camcorder - Red (Refurb though) for about $130CAD! Check out for other items with great prices!!

Bf drove us to Square One Mall so that we can take the bus to Chinatown. I felt like going Chinatown get some DONG DONG Pastries and brother wanted to grab some Asian Action movies. It was fun overall. We walked around and witnessed soooo many police cars everywhere. When we grabbed bbt we came out and some dude just ran with both his hands under his armpits!! My brother and I laughed because we were like he probably stoled something..then as we walked further we saw alot alot and alot of police men..It was scary.. It seems like there was a fight or something like that. Lots of ambulance. I felt like I was in Young and Dangerous movie. Hhahah Young and Dangerous is a Hong Kong Triad movie. We decided to go back to Sauga since bf was off work at 7 we had to be back at Square one at that time. I just bought few things for sister and mostly was food that I spend money on haha:P

When we got home bf made US homemade BBT. It taste soooo good becuase he knows how sweet I like it and I LOVE TAPIOCA therefore I can have as much as I want haha. We watched Shinjuku Incident which was AWESOME! Who plays in this movie? JACKIE CHAN Yooo:P hahaha and Daniel Wu, whom I used to think he was sexy before..when I was younger..he still handsome..but mehhh..Hahha:D

On Friday, I did have to work for the morning but when I got home I bought my little brother some apple juice which he FINNISSHED THAT day haha.. He let the cat into the room and he did not take the allergy pill. He is allergic to my Cat. Vincent end up calling me to see what we were doing so I told him I'm just going to make dinner and that he is welcome to come eat. I made 4 different kinds of dish; KUNG Pao Shrimp with Mushroom {for Vin} and KUNG Pao Shrimp with Red Peppers {for bf}, Stir Fry Yu Choy and Beef, Teriyaki Chicken with Mushroom and Squid and the last dish was just plain Yu Choy Soup with Shrimp. I didn't plan on making this much dish at first but then when Vin received a call from Jao that he was at TN's place..I decided to make more dish. I then invited Jao and then TN! Tn also made this one dish with yellow noodles and seafood + veggies stir fry. I can't remmeber what it was call in English! Jao went to pick up Jodee at work then Dave also dropped by! We were going to shoot some pool but then plans were changed and they just end up playing Assasin/sCreed while Jodee and I hung out!

On Saturday, we watched movie again for a bit and it was really shitty weateher so we didn't felt like going out. Until, later on at night. We went to Sahla Thai Click here for the website and location I believe that there is only two location in St.Catherines and Brampton! I love it!! This is what I got! Pad Si Ew which I am planning to learn how to make it!FRESH THINK RICE NOODLES STIR FIRED WITH EGG, CHINESE BROCCOLI BEEF $11.95CAD. No complaint about this dish!

This is Rithy's Dish! He didn't want to try their curry's or whatevr so I told him to try their Pad Thai !RICE NOODLES STIR-FRIED WITH SHRIMP, CHICKEN, EGG, BEAN SPROUTS, AND GREEN ONIONS TOPPED WITH FINELY CHOPPED PEANUTS. Price was about $10.95CAD! He tried some of my dish and would love to order that next time!!:D

Thai Fried Rice (WITH EGG, ONION, AND GREEN ONION) CHICKEN, this was Bf's dish! He normally orders this. It was really spicy becuase he always get LEVEL5. Price was about $10.95CAD! I don't think I would ever order fried rice when I'm out at a Thai place. I'd rather eat CURRY or soemthing along that..

Last DISH..OMG Vincent's Gang Dang Curry!! THIS IS THE MOST FAMOUS CURRY - - SAUTEED WITH BAMBOO SHOOTS, BASIL LEAVE AND GREEN PEAS IN A GOLDEN COCONUT SAUCE. He ordered BEEF and Ahhhh wow.. IT was pretty spicy but amazingly GOOD. Price was also about $10.95CAD!!

After dinner we headed to Dairy Queen! I got Sundaes and they got I can't remember. Then, we drove to the Pool hall where later Dave also came! It was about a 25MINUTES wait!! Saturday night are always busy!! Rithy ended up beating all of us!! Crazy! He can't even hold the Q stick properly but still manage to somehow defeated all of us at the game of 9Balls.:P The next day Rithy left home. He took the train at 6:15PM! I really miss him and it was such a nice week he was down! I hope he come visit soon again!:D * I hope you liked your camera Rithy:P hehe:)
Cindy xoxox


Alyssamae. said...

YUMMM I love tapicoa boba! =9 Glad to hear you had a good time with your brother! :) The food looks deeeelicious! =)

xbbkay said...

jerkkk! that looks good. HMmm>.i want dim sum tooo!

Saving Capulet said...

whoaa i love jackie chan!! and food so yum!! lol

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