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On Wednesday I decided to go to Caffe Demetre's with boyfriend since it was our day off.

I end up getting the Strawberry Chheesecake! I really want to learn how to make it.. but I don't think I'm a baker. I'm scared I might make it mm wrong. What was wrong WITH my cheesecake? TOO SMALL:@ We went to the location in Mississauga! When I used to live in London my CHEESEEECAKE was hugeee!!!

I was kind of dissapointedd.. I sometime think that if..the waiter come and she asks you what you want and YOU tell her cheesecake..and when she comes back..IT'S SO SMALL. Like they judge you..if you're a girl you eat less. THATS NOT FRIG true.. I noticed it happens to me alot. Next time I'm going to tell bf to order Mine and I'll order his. WATCH...his order FOR MINE WILL be bigger:@

This is bf's desserrtt! He got some Belgian icecream with chocolate and I'm really not sure exactly what it's call. Bf's sleeping right now. Don't wanna wake him up. He's sick =[ But yahh I think the Dessertt here in Sauga was so much smaller than the London Location!!

Bf is eating his dessertt..I think he is beautiful when he eats. =p After we were done eating.. We went to shoot some pool! I'm getting better now I guess.. I can finally learn how to properly hold it and well my aiming still sucks, but I feel like I'm getting the hang of it! Well, I realized that people want to see mmoree make up POST. I will try my best now to do some loooks and more makeup related. Lately, I've just been plain. hahha.. Cindy xxox


grace said...

Those look SO GOOD!!!
I have a big sweet tooth, so I bet I could eat both...hahaha xD

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

hey cindy, go to for some easy cheesecake recipes. Oh and youre so funny, maybe its just the restaurant being stinggy with their portion size. Next time just ask how big it would be ^_^

and yeah i hope to see more makeup looks ^_^

Saving Capulet said...

gosh, that photo made me crave for strawberry cheesecake like a pregnant lady x.x lol have a great day cindy!

sophia said...

Your bf's desserts looks GOOD!!! I want to eat the computer screen hahaha. I hardly eat out, but looking at these pics makes me want to go to restaurant!

Can't wait to see how you do your nails! I found a store that sells the fimo decos, but I'm not sure how to attach it to my nail, so I'll watch your tutorial first ^_^

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