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Hi Guysss:D

I've been working sooooo much that..I barely have time for blogging. =[ I just wanted to share with you guys some things I've got last week:D I will write about each products..once I've got a chance to use it more..

1. The BODY SHOP; Handy Massager $10, 02Delicious tinted lip balm $10,2xBanana Conditioner +1xBanana Shampoo 3 FOR $20
2. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in; #700Nude Delight and #180Vintage Pink $5.99each
3. MAC, Fleur Power Satin Blush $22, Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Engraved $17.50
4. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Lip Pencil in #08Spice $22
5. H&M Lipgloss in Hula Hula Hawaii and Coco Kiss Aruba $2.95each
6. NYX Brushes in B07 Flat Top $19, B12 Crease $12

At the BODY SHOP I got a few things..Their deals last week was something like, if you spend about $40CAD, you will recieve a FREE gift. The gift was for your FEET =]!! In the package there was Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion which is retail for $16, The Moisture Booties socks which is $13 and the Wooden File a Foot which is $6.50..That is about $35-$40CAD Value.. I met a girl name Madeline who is really awesome..she helped me out picking things + She gave me samples of Satsuma Body Butter and Coconut Shimmer Lotion!! I LOVE bothhhh..Oh my gosh smells lovely..make me want to eat it!

Then I went to H&M to buy a few summer dresses..I came accross two LOVELY lipgloss. I didn't even know they have beauty products..haha.. The packaging are very cute. Zebra! I will swatch them soon..I did use the Hula Hula one..that's what it looks like:DI went to work without eyeliner so I went to MAC and grab the liner + blush. I thought I wanted to get this color =D I've beeen wearing it everydayy now!

After work I went to see Muffy and I end up buying a new lipliner! It looks great with any lipcolors! I love visiting her she makes my day:D Her personality is sooo awesome! =D Anywhooo...I also used the two NYX brush on Anna. Saturday that just passed I did her make up for her to a friends Debut. Ohhh and the Rimmel L/s I haven't tried them yet:O.. Well..this is it for noww:D Just wanted to share with you guys a few things I've picked up. I hope everyyone is doing well and to those who still read my blogg -- Thank YOU =]!

Cindy xoxox

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I end up picking up two rings from "WWW.SmartSet.CA" I got 25%OFF discount..since I work for Reitmans haha:P I've always wanted something dangly and something that wraps around my finger:D

This is MY EVERYDAY ring. I wear it on my Index...It looks cute on my thumb but's not comfortable! I believe this ring is about $8-$10CAD! I jsut wish that they were stainless! I know they will rust if, I wash my hands with my ring on..I tend to forget!

I really Lovee this one..The only this is that..It's pretty dressyy. The pearls goes well with my nails haha.. mm I just love the design and the way the pearl hang. It looks heavy, but it's not. Very pretty and affordable! I'm still around looking for the PERFECT ring:D I lost..My Chanel ring :( I can't find her...for NOW these rings will do. I hav a few more from H&M..I'll post it up later:P haha

Cindy xoxo

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Heyy Guys!!~~

I forgot to post this up! This was my nail design for the past 2 and Half WEEKS. I know I should of post this up a while ago...but I switched my camera memory stick card. I call this nail "Into Spring"..I end up doing my nails the day before one of the regional manager who came to visit the store. I got this Aqua/Turquoise summer blouse and I wanted to match my nails to my top.

I know silly me..It can past for both spring and summer look..but seriously..I just do my nails according to my mood..and then it end up loooking pretty cute for the season. I used two types of flowers
- Turquoise and Blue Flower
- Yellow Flower + 2.2mm Pearls and 1.1mm yellow, turquoise, baby blue, black, orange Gemstones!
I can't stop doing 3D..I just love the look..its unique..I get soooo many compliments on them..All my work customer...who doesn't know my name..just ask for the girl with thos crazy nails.. hahaha this one little girl who came in with her mom..thought it was CANDY.. Shes like mom..she has candy on her nails..Her mom was like "woahhhh..where did you get them done???"

I smiled and told her I do them myself..and she was like.."OMG..You gotta do my nails.." Anywhoo, I hope you like what I've came up with..It's nice to hear that people love and want them done..I'm still deciding what I'll be doing for my videos...I don't really have the time much...since once I'm done work and at night...I don;t think I've mentioned this..but I also work at a Pool hall now =/ I'm loving it. I finishhh at 4AM =O ..

Yikesss..My sleeping habbbittt is alright..I dont know why I'm not tired..ehh oh well. :) Lettt meee knowww what ya think of these nails..I'm going to change them tonight..Maybe:P

Cindy xoxox

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