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PostHeaderIcon Saigon House

I didn't blog all day =/ I wias talking to my sister and well...she's a big kid now..Going highschool soon.. Kinda lectured her about mm LIFE? I just hope she makes the right decision when she gets older!

I normally order this dish when I go there... It's pretty much just thick noodles with oyster sauce. I got SEAFOOD. Lady was pretty cranky..we got there around 9:30PM. The place closes at 11:00PM.

Everytime, we go always order springroll. I normal orer soup first. I didn't take a picture of the soup, because it was just plain beef ball soup. IT pretty sad looking aha

Bf and his food. He ordered Seafood Fried rice? It's pretty good but I prefer his fried rice. He makes the best kind! I brought it for work one time..potluck..but he put Chinese some people don't eat PORK. =/ Tooo bad. They would of loveeddd it!! Well..its 1:00AM and I'm getting pretty tired..Maybe I'll blog a bit more tommorow:D
Good night Guys!<3 Cindyxxox

PostHeaderIcon VERSACEEEEEE, I love you.

Hi Guys!!

This is going to be mm a swatch/look, I did today!

If you've been reading my bloggg well..You know I just purchased the Versace eyeshadow in a deep purple color V2019-O! I decided to just wear this alone.. I could of just..swatched it..BUT..I want to actually do a look on it..I'll actually..just list what I use today for my whole face:| I didnt use any editing tools..Just re-sized it.

FACE Products:

{TONER} Lancome Tonique Radiance
{MOISTURIZER} BodyShop Tea Tree Oil Lotion
{FOUNDATION} Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup in Medium Beige 030
{POWDER} MAC LOOSE Foundation in Medium Plus
{BLUSH} PURE by Carlos di roma in Peach
I didn't wear any concealer:D I think I should of hahaha.. wooops.

EYES Product:

{PRIMER} Urban Decay Primer Potion
{EYESHADOW} VERSACE V2019-O - Deep Purple
{TOP-EYELINER} MAC Fluidline in Blactrack
{BOTTOM-EYELINER} Estee Lauder Artist's Eye Pencil in 02 SoftSmudge Brown
{BASE-MASCARA} MAC Prep+Prime Lash Base
{FALSE-EYELASH} Hong Kong Brand
Don't mind the Eyebrow guys..haha just letting it grow out..I just use WET N' WILD Brow powder. For my lips I just dab a bit of my VERSACE Lipstick in V2005-C Which is a really nice and natural pink:D I'm prob going to pair the e/s with other colors, so that it has a bit more dimension..This was just a quickyyy look and a swatch. Colors are really pigmented. IF you guys do order online..try some their shadows.. I'm satisfied..hahhaa =D

*What you guys think of the eyeshadow color??
Cindy xoxo

PostHeaderIcon Taking a break.

I just want to take a break..Before, finishing up the post for nail swatches. I've decided to do all my nail polish swatches because some of these colors are really cute and prettty.. I'd thought I'd might share with you guys..some of the colors..before I useed them up. Some of the nail polish..I got them a whileee ago, so It might BE HARD, to find. =[ Luckily, most still have their color names on.

All the ARDENE nail colors which I will soon post..Have no name? I bought them 2 for $5.00CAD. They are reallyyy pigmented! Most of them kinda dried out because well.. my sister and I..we watched movie while doing our nails and well we kinda hold the brushes for a bit of time.. hahah.. I've beeen wanting to learn how to do acrylics/gel and you know 3D Nail art, kinda style. I use to be just meh keep it the french manicure style..but not no more. I want BRIGHT, FUN, VIVID colors!

This is something, I came up with using L.A Girls in MATTE PINK and MATTE BABY PINK and the L.A COLORS Art Decor in White/Silver Glitter + 2mm Rhinestone for the center design. I've noticed every blog I run to.. I see mm lots of pink and Valentine looks and such.. I mean MY BLOG got PINK. This might be nice for Valentine... I would of done HEARTS..But I wasn't in the moooddd for it. I jsut kept it the flower in the center and just dots across. The background of this nail is combining the two MATTE Colors from L.A Girls and really blending it in together to create a pink..gradient color! Still looks a bittt argh..I'm happy but at the same time..I want to re-do it! I rushed it a bit..Took me about 15Minutes. I'm still new to blending colors from nail polish! What do you guys think?

xoxo<3 Cindy

PostHeaderIcon L.A Colors Nail Lacquer with Hardeners Swatches!

These are just a swatch of the colors I have. Purchased at the DOLLAR STORE:|
No base + top coat!

Name: Mauve Glaze - NP327
Color: More of a Champagne color. Really nude.
Finish: Satin
Product Qualiy: It has to apply quite few times for it to show. Nice for a base color:D 3/5

Name: Sand Storm - NP283
Color: Gold
Finish: Shimmer
Product Qualiy: It has to apply quite few times for it to show. Nice for a base color:D 3/5

Name: Pink Satin - NP292
Color: Pink with a soft metallic look!
Finish: Satin
Product Qualiy: It has to apply quite few times for it to show. Nice for a base color:D 3/5

Name: Breathless Blue - NP290
Color: Pastel Blue
Finish: Matte
Product Qualiy: It has to apply quite few times for it to show. Nice for a base color:D 3/5

** The colors may change depending on how many coat you layer it.. :)

PostHeaderIcon L.A Girl MATTE Swatches

These are just a swatch of the colors I have from this collection.
No base + top coat!

Name: Matte Baby Pink - NL538
Color: Baby PINKt! The color shows nicely!
Finish: Matte..Just a nice super flat finish
Product Qualiy: Need to APPLY about 2 coats to really have the right color. 4/5
Price: I got a deal for 3 for $9.99CAD, but I believe it is about $4.00CAD! 5/5

Name: Matte Orange - NL539
Color: It's a SOFT orange! Color is really cute!
Finish: Matte...Just a nice super flat finish
Product Qualiy: Need to APPLY about 2 coats to really have the right color. 4/5
Price: I got a deal for 3 for $9.99CAD, but I believe it is about $4.00CAD! 5/5

Name: Matte Pink - ...
Color: More of a hot pink!
Finish: Matte..Just a nice super flat finish
Product Qualiy: Need to APPLY about 2 coats to really have the right color. 4/5
Price: I got a deal for 3 for $9.99CAD, but I believe it is about $4.00CAD! 5/5

** Colors look shiny/glossy but that's because it was just painted on. Dry matte! =D

PostHeaderIcon Eeeeek!!

Work was oka today. Wasn't so bad and we did really well. mmm I end up buying 3items today. Can you guess?
Yahhh that's right! Two new Opi Nail Lacquer! I did got these two colors because..I believe I don't have a nail colors in a reddish/brown and warm rose-pink shade. I'll swatch them tommorrow:D..Yah, we'll just see if Cindy keeps her words this time. Tomorroww, I will start posting all my nail's product. =/ SO, the color on the left is called "Romeo & Joliet" and the one on the right is called "Whole Lotta Seoul"..Again I like both the colors. COME TOMORROOOWW FOR SWATCHES:)

Sexyyy? I got the Versace Luminous Eyeshadow Mono in V2019-O. Which is .. a deep purple almost blue color. I love their eyeshadow. They apply really nice and smooooothh.. I'll swatch the color for you later. If you read the time I bought Versace, you will notice that I was lucky enough to find a shop that sells them. It's good because I don't want to order online. Versace makeup is by Gianni Versace. He's gone :( Sigh..

Anyways, I hope that I can find somewhere ..local.. where I can get more varities of colors. There are a few colors left but not much.. =[ I saw a brown/ gold color..but I wanted something more Vivid. This is the color. The first eyeshadow I got was mm more purple? This one is darker. More Blue, but bf says its actually a deep purple. I'll swatch that tommoroww.. hahaha:D <3!! Well, it's 3:00AM. Yikes.. I should go bed.. soon? Not that tired Good Night..for now? Cindyxoxox

PostHeaderIcon Blinging up My Nintendo DS.

I decided to play with my Jewelry Sticker last night and well..I did this to my Nintendo DS.

If I end up getting's easy to take it off..+ I can use GOOO GONE?hahhahaa..I don't know why I felt like putting stickers on them. It's kinda tacky but cute at the same time. I don't have baby pink jewels, so I used..Babyy blue.. Not my color..But still kind of cute. I'm thinking to order more stickers online so I can start doing mm Custome jewel design on my baby electronic:| <3 Cindy

PostHeaderIcon Tag Game? =_=''

I was tagged by Nicole, check her out to do one of question/trivia..thing? I'm not familiar on how to do them.. but I answered the questions:D

These were the Instruction:

1. Give a top 10 list of the things that makes you happy.

2. Give a top 5 list of trivias about yourself.

3. Share the award with only 5 lovelies

4. Link the blogs you choose and link the blog of the person awarded you.

Things that makes me HAPPY {10}:

1. My love ones SMILING.
2. My Music.
3. Food & Cooking :)
4. Shower
5. Shopping for MakeUP, Shoes, Purse and Clothing
7. Cute Pens, Pencils, Books, etc.
8. Clubbin & Night Scene
9. Sweets!

Trivia about MYSELF{5}:

1. Born in Montreal,Quebec then moved to London, Ontario and now located in the GTA.
2. I dislike Onions. Cannot Stand them!
3. Beauty became an important asset for me.
4. Taking good care of my Minoux, making sure that she is comfortable in her surrounding and happy!
5. Just a random & spontaneous Person

I now Tag:

1. Anna..
2. Anh.
3. Cecilia
4. Miky
5. Grace

Again..I received this from Nicole!

PostHeaderIcon Welcome to the Family!

On Saturday, TN, Khoa, Bf and I went to Square One mall.

There was a sidewalk sale. Chinese New Years. I wasn't really planning on specifically gettting anything...Just browse around and see if there's good deal around. We got there at 5PM so we didn't have much time to loook around much! There was quite a bit of things at GUESS, that I liked..but none my size:( BF got me a MINI Purse/Wallet?

I love it sooo much. This is how the inside loook like. Glosssy and kind of a alligator design. There is two zippers on both side! Good for clubbing. I guess. One pocket for MONEY and the other pocket for ID. ? I can fit both my cellphone and camera! I think I'll hold my camera and just leave my phone in there. It's better since my camera has a strap! =p

A closeerrr look at the MiniPurse:D Yahh the outside has just the GUESS LOGO. What I love best is the Design in the centre:D It look so Elegant. You can make the chain longer so that you can have it on your shoulder. Or leave it short just like a mini hand pursse:D Now for the last part..The PRICE. As you see it says $55CAD. It was on sale for $25CAD!

Then we end up leaving go grab something to eat..On my way to the food court we stopped by DONATO'S hairsalon. I needed clips so I just picked up clips! THEY were $4.50CAD for a pair. I paid $2.25CAD! I bought two package! I then walked around the sale area..They sell cosmetics! I didn't grab any..well..the colos they have left OKA. Lipstick was toooo reddish/brownish.I love their store bag:D

I end up eating at THAI EXPRESS. My favourite is PAD SEW or PAD SEE EW? I'm going to learn how to make this recipe. It's fat noodles with beef and served with Chinese Broccoli! The best...well it is ONE of the best! That's all I really did..came home and just watch movie with bf. We watched V for VANDETTA.. Bf didn't watch it yet... so we end up watching it that night. I love the movie:D


PostHeaderIcon I love themm all:D

I've decided to blog on items I got dr got the during the holiday..Just never got the chance to actually blog about it. I'm not sure why, but some day I feel like blogging 2 + post and some other dayyy I won't post for liek almost 2 weeks. Today, it is one of those days where I'll be with my notebook all day. Yes, I will be blogging until my bf gets home. I'll take breaks in between hehe..

Oh I did my nails two night ago.. I end up swatching most of the nail polish after I was done.. I was in the moood for mm Sparkly nails =/ hhehe I used..Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear mm I'm going to do a swatch post in I'll coe back to what I;ve used!

I was at La Senza Kids at the mall where I worked and...they are closing down. I dropped by and did purchased a few items. I'm not going to POST everything I got. It wasn't just items from LA SENZA Kids, they brought some bras and lingerie from LA SENZA. I also wonder if La Senza cosmetics are any good.. They lotion and spray smells nice..

This is a keychain also..but its also a CHANGE carrier.. I can put coins in when I put..I normally just put my change in the back pocket but this is good!

Aren't they soooo frig cute. I also got another Doggi Keychain but I gave it to bf's mom..She loves dog.. hehe plus my cat will get grumpy if I'm carrying a Doggy Keychain everywhere..with me. =/

Ouu.. Who wants a nice full cleavage? I know random..and kinda mm Personal now... BUTT..I went to SHOWCASE.. I got this SMART Bra Clip for $5CAD, originall price is $19CAD. I wouldn't purchase it for fullprice. Does it work? Yah. Your cleavage does seem more visible! You have to wear a pushup bra first and it does tighten it up making your booobies more FULL AND BIGGER..

It might work on some people and might not. it does work for me and does give me more cleavage.. Also..goood thing about this is stops your bra straps from falling..I sometime have that problem..=[ Weird.. It comes in 4 different colors and it is a package of 12! I think to make it looook really can wear this + Push-Up bra and Also..Contour your boobies! On the cover it doesn't even look like the same model..haha The Before and After. RATING: 8/10

I also got BUMPITS Hair Volumizing Leave-In Insert for also $5CAD! I would love to use the BUMPITS..The nice girl name Lisa from SHOWCASE said that her co-worker always come to work with it..but For some Reason it loook so obvious on my head. I guess I still neeed to grow out my hair first in order to use it. I would write more review on the bumpits once my hair is more fuller? I have short layers..Doesn't seem to work for me =(

Cute Pencil and Pen I just got from ANIMAL World at Square ONE mall:) I collect alot of cute pens and pencil from Korea/Japan/HongKong! I love stationary items! I love ggetting pens and papers and scisssorrrs even though I am not in school, I do get very EXCITED when I get to shop for new markers and such!

Two new necklaces I got over the holiday! It really cute! I'm on the search for a ring right now, though. I lost my ring..Right now..I'm on a search for really cute rings! I love Juicy Couture Jewelry! Thinking to order some later. >=]

I think this post is fairly long! I should separate them so it is a bit easier to read..:| Heheh.. Going to grab something to eat..It's lunch time! Yummii:| Be right back guysss!!<3 Cindy!

EDIT: Actually..I just peeked and my post is not sooo long..I've wrote more bfore:P ahahaha:P

PostHeaderIcon New Traincase

Loooookk what I gotttt=/

The other night I picked up a make up traincase at WalMart! It was about $25CAD before tax! It's not that big, about 11”L x 6.5”W x 8.25”H andd it has about four roomys tray.

That's what it looks like!! It's oka, I left the tag on just incase I end up finding something mm Better? Alright love, I'm going to end it here..

I put a few of my pigments inside just to see what it looks like:D I don't know if I still want to keep it though :O


PostHeaderIcon Why so cute when you're eating?

This post was for last Wednesday.:P Bf wasn't working and I start work at 6-Closing. We decided to go out for Sushi, for lunch.. We always go to the Tokyo Maki Sushi. I like it there.. I do. I love their designs and of course their food. It is Japanese food but..everyone was Chinese :O I'm not sure if the chefs inside are Japanese but..Everyone spoke Cantonese and it's not Japanese Music in the background..It's Chinese:P ahahaha.. Most of their song. I have them and .. the artist are all Chinese!

There is nothing wrong with a Sushi place with Chinese people..I was just hopping that it was all Japanese..Authentic. hahah..The only thing they say in Japanese is Good Bye & Take care...or when they greet their customers. Then they go back to their area and speaks Cantonese.. It's kind of funny..but aww mann..

Bf is sooo cute when he eats.. ahaha He makes me blush ya know? How can a person look cute when they eat? I don't know..Their poofy face with a "Ouuuu yummmmi face" I find this very mm .. attractive! =D After, we were done eating..we looked around for a bit..I end up gettting a shirt from Jacob..Outlet:) I love outlets. I love Jacob =D It was 5:00PM and so we decided to go over to the other mall where I work. We end up browsing around but...meh wasn't in the mood for anything. I did though went into the Bay, to see if Mufffy was working..But I guess she finished work =[. It was almost 6:00PM.. =/ MUFFY if you read this. YES, I came by to see you + I look like a douche walking in and..well I didn't want to jsut walk I end up wondering the cosmetic counter and drop by DIOR to smell their fragrances..

I spotted the Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup, SPF 10. It is a pretty nice foundation. I actually wasn't sure if I wanted to get it get it..I haven't read enough reviews about it. The woman was nice enough to just squeezeee me a sample.. I took it home and tried it.. I love the finish..Looks nice...I'll review more on that later.. Since I jsut started to wear it. I know. I jsut got the Revlon Foundation.I just happen to end up seeing a prettty bottle hehe:) Oh and I'm a number is mm 030 it's a Medium beige color..:P

Ohhh and when I got home..My lashes have all arrrived:D It was pretty quick..It toook about 1.5weeks:D Overall, these lashes are all prettty dramatic. Even the natural lashes they have look dramatic. They are more dark and mm I think they are synthetic. They look really nice and fake. hahha. mm Comfort? They are oka. I do prefer QUO lashes or Mac Lashes:) Ardell are oka to me.. But yah is a photo of my DiorSkin. It was actually in the bedroom lighting. Not the lamp in the room but the actual main lighting.. Pretty nice.. According to Anh I need white bulbs:P Im still hunting for a good lighting. I wont do any looks until I find the best lighting!! Heheh

This picture looks airbrushed :O I think I moved a bit..hahah so it kinda blurrred..I took off my hair scrunchy and Sweater.. My hair is nice and curly?

Have you guys tried the Diorskin NUDE foundation? If so, tell me what you think about it? Is it worth the money? =/


PostHeaderIcon My two pairs of Cute Earrings:D

Currently, I am in-love with these two pairs of earrrings. Both were purchased at Pmall and I got a pretty sweet deals for them. You just gotta keep talking to the seller..Bargain Chan Bargain:P!~~ Piu Piu!~~

Pearl, Mickyy Mouse in hooopss!! Very girlyy!

Pearl with Bow and Black feather!~ I don't normally wear feathers..but this is cuteeee ;)

I can't sleep by the way..It's almost 4 AM. I'm still up..just listening to music and trying to update..but I'm getting lazy to re-sizing all the photos.. Sigh.. Bf and kittty are like knocked out = Sleepinggg like a piggy..hahaha my cat is also being in such a good behaviour. She's been good. Listen. Really cute.. ;) I should go bed soonn..

See you in a bit...Going to bed for a bit..see if I can shut my eyes..and just go sleep..heheh:P


PostHeaderIcon Revlon Photo Ready + Asus P527

Yes, I'm going to update today..:P I seriousllyyyy don't feel like blogging LATELY...I got lazy..I think it's because..I keep waiting until next day. You know..I'll say .. Meh I just missed one's oka..I'll blog tomorrow..and then tommorrrowww comes..I'm sitting in the living room petting my cat and watching tv..Or..On the computer but reading other people blogs:P hahaha...

Today, I will review the Revlon Photo Read Foundation. My honest opinion. I really like it. It does look great in any lighting. It does really make your skin look flawless..My number is 006 Medium Beige. The finish is Matte but a bit of mmm a deweeyyy look! This is my first Revlon Foundation..I've been reading reviews online about this product and well.. they say it's kind of comparable to MUFE HD Foundation but it is not as thick:p Meaning..It will be easier to blend! I love how this has a pump..Sanitaryy is a must..ahahah!!! Oh and the product is fragrance free! Yayy :)

Also, one good thing is that I don't really have to wear concealer much. I apply it with the MAC Brush #131..I believe that was from the MAC Color Craft collection. I've beeen using this for twoo weeks now? I got it at Rexall. Not all places have them yet make sure you ask someone at the counter..I was looking for it everywhere at Shoppers and I thought it was just out in the state..but only some stores carry them? The price is about $18CAD. I got 20% off that day..I think Revlon's product at Rexall was 20% off :)

I think this is what I will be wearing now =D Ohh and the hair cap..I was wearing it because bf was coming home..and I don't want foood going into my hair..hehe:)

When bf, got home.. He bought a new phone from his manager. =] He got the Asus P527. It's not the newest phone from Asus...but I am also in love with it. It's unique, no one has it.. GPS Built-in..and mmm..Really I just love business phone they look mm sexyy ;) hahaha What phone am I using? I am using..w950i..Yah it's a SonyEricssson.. ;)

So, this is the end of this post:) I hope you enjoyed the litttle review about my new favourite foundation and I hope that bf will keeep this phone..He keep changing phone haha.. Was previously using an Iphone, Iphone is nice but I'd rather see him using this phone..Looks more him.hahaha Take care guys!!


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