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Hiii.. I've decided to do a quick list on products I use daily. Majority of these products I use..really works well for me. I think I left out Lipstick and Lipglosses just because it depends on my mood which colors I'd like to wear. I hope these can become one of your favourite items.. on your list :)


PRIMER:Lancome La Base Pro - Perfecting Makeup Primer Soothing Effect Oil Free

  • I absolutly lovee this primer.. I used Smashbox before which is still reallly nice..but something about the Lancome one feels and look very smoooth! Maybe I'll do better review on this. I use this after my moisturizer before foundation and omg.. I just love it. All the pores and lines are reduced.. check out Lancome online for the ingredients and details on this product! Only problem is its about $46.00CAD for a 0.8. FL. OZ. (25mL) :(

FOUNDATION:Mac Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 * NC35

  • So far...this foundation is very light and does not loook cakey on me! I am also using NARS Sheeer Glow in Barcelona but the price is very pricey and it doesnt not have a pump..tooo mee I think the MAC is very does come with a sponge..but I dont use it at all..I prefer using the MAC #131 Brush with this foundation..It is $39.00CAD for 10 g / 0.35 US oz

CONCEALER:Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Concealer SPF 10 * 03 MEDIUM

  • mmmmmmmmMMMMMM .. I have to say that I've finally found my favourite concealer!! I've used MAC which I find tooo thick and I don't ehh.. it's oka.. Smashbox HD concealer was good too..but it's in a tube which I tend to squeeze out alot of the product. I was kind debating whether to go with the EsteeLauder one or Lancome Effacerness but it's in a tube which I don't really like..I did like the coverage from their line also but I stick to the Estee Lauder. The only problem is that it comes in very few shades.. $24.00CAD for .24FL. OZ. LIQ./ 7mL


  • This product is reallly nice because.. the way the package is done. Alot of loose powder everytime you end up having wayyy tooo much product and it gets messy. To use the product you have to twist just a little bit to the right and some of the product comes out..very good if you travel! If you dont need that much coverage and just looking for soemthing that gives you that beautiful glow then I do recommennd this product! I have few blemishes so I just conceal and apply the powder on if I don't want to wear foundation.. It looks amazing when you give it a few minutes to set in.. When I do wear foundation and then apply does NOTTT look cakey..You have to make sure you dont have tooo much of the product. The small brush that comes with not bad but good for around the nose and other small areas. NOW the worst part - IT is about $70.00CAD :((( SUCKSSS butttt THERE IS ALOT OF PRODUCT 0.75 oz. / 21g sooo it will last you forever..this is why I didn't mind spending that much!! Before purchasing it I suggest you try it out first..I love the product but..then AGAIN I did read mix reviews on this:)


  • This is what I've been using for the longesstt time now! If you have oily spot ...I just dab the puff in the area and all gonee:) All you need to remember with this is to make sure you change your puff frequently.. All that nasty oil that absorb into the puff and back to your face will cause you to breakout. It happen to me because I didn't know that I was suppose to change it from time to time. It's good because you don't need to always have a brush around.. and you don't neccessary need to apply tooo much! $27.50CAD for 12 g / 0.42 US oz


  • This is my first bronzer~ To be honest I've started to use bronzer when I had realized that my face look chubbier so I wanted to slim my face. I know it sounds silly but .. yah then I got hooked on it. I love how the color is not tooooo orange and not so obvious. It's nice..and I can jsut wear this alone or with just a bit of blush :) $26.50CAD 3.5 g / 0.11 US oz


  • This is my all time favourite blush..This is limited edition...:( but i've looked around for a dupe and they say that between Well Dressed and Pink Swoon! I love this soo much because it's very pigmented and long lasting. The packaging is wonderful too and it has a little mirror inside. It seems like there is more product and hopefully this will last me a long time:D I use it everyday!! $30.00CAD this is 10g / 0.35 US OZ!!! woo lots of product!

OTHER:ESTEE LAUDER SIGNATURE 5-tone shimmer powder for eyes, cheeks, face * 02 BRONZE SHIMMER

  • This is my all time favourite highlighter/ shimmer:D I use this on my brown bone..on the bridge of my nose..on the innier corner of my eyes..just above my cheek.. pretty much the name says it all.. I can use this anywhere. If you're tan I say this will loook lovelyyyy on you! Unless you like the MATTE look than avoid this hehe..:D $36.00CAD 10g / 0.35 OZ


  • I can't live without this product!! Seriously this is awesome..few years back when I first started to wear eyeshadow..all my eyeshadows will crease soooo bad. I didn't know anything about using a base but after I've discovered this...I even wear it without eyeshadows. It does in a weird way brightens up my eyelid and I just LOVE it! The only problem I have with this is when I think I'm almost done but I can still manage to get some product out the next day... I know that you can warm it up and cut it open and all that stuff but yah I just hope they change their packaging..its a pain in the wooop wooop :P $22.00CAD for 10mL 0.34US OZ

PRIMER#2:MAC Paint Pot * Bare Study & Rubenesque

  • Oka..So this is my primer number 2..The reason why that is because I can just grab a concealer brush and it is sooo easy to use..Better packaging than the UDPP. The good thing with these is that I can also wear it alone but these has a bit of shimmer which really look nice :) If I know I'm going to go out clubbing or something where I know I'm going to be really sweaty and all... I wear UDPP + my paint pot over it then eyeshadow..IT last soooo long! I picked Bare Study because it is almost similar color to the UDPP just with a bit of shimmer and Rubenesque which is a golden pink color because it was the first one I bought and I love the color! $20.00CAD 5g / 0.17 US OZ


  • So.I'm still on a mission to look for the perfect pencil liner..but even if I have a pencil I still love my fluidline. They don't smudge on me! I've also heard Bobbi Brown Gel Liner is also goood.but haven't got my hands on them yet! I've tried Smashbox but they smudge on me...This is my alllll time favourite liner! I also have Macro-Violet and it is very pretty! $18.00CAD 3g / 0.10 US OZ


  • There is two product listed up there because I have to use two separate ones. For my top lashes I use the Lancome Hypnose Drama ..which I am seriously in love with! It makes my lashes really thick and it also separates them!! Does not flake at all and it is really BLACK. haha.. For my bottom lashes I love using NYX dolleye WATERPROOF.. It really does the work..I never knew I had bottom lashes until I use her. I've also noticed that when you first buy goes on really nice..and if you notice that your bottom lashes starts to flake then thats when I know I need to get a new one. The formula I guess its more dry? They BOTH works really well for me..You can look at the picture above thats MY lashes:D! Lancome Hynose Drama $31.00CAD 0.22 OZ / 6.5 mL -- NYX Dolleye Waterproof $6.99CAD-$10.00CAD 8g / 0.28 OZ


  • This is such an amazing palette!! I use this everyy time I wear eyeshadow..Which is almost everyday. I slab on MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque and using the plum/ navy blue color from this palette just look absolutely stunning!! I'm thinking I might pick up another one :| The packaging is also great! The only complaint that I have with most or any eyeshadow palette is that something when I pick up the dark color it somehow gets into the other eye shadows.. So I try my best not to be to rough:) I believe this was about $38.00CAD 13.37g / 0.47 OZ. which is an amazing deal!!


  • I know you guys are prob wondering why I have mm one eyeshadow here.. Well because I love the SMASHBOX EYESHADOW PALETTE soooo much that I just need to pair it with carbon on the out corner of my eyes. I love my eyeshadow to be dark..always got to have some black somewhere...This black eyeshadow is the only one that doesn't have a fallout for me..:D You can get these in refill for about $13.00CAD or ones with a compact..mine is from the MAC Venomenous Villain Collection which was $18.50CAD 1.5g / 0.05 US OZ... I bought the one in a compact because I don't always need my MAC Palette with me..I prefer having my Carbon Individually Compact =D


  • The reason why I have two for eyebrows is because I use two. hahaha.. I put a bit of UDPP all over my brows then I go over with the shadows and just pencil the arch of my eyebrows! MAC Eyeshadow is $17.50CAD 1.5g / 0.05 US OZ and the MAC Eyebrows is $18.00CAD 0.09g/ 0.003 US OZ...which is very little..I ran out of these pretty quick alone since I do it everyday..but when I pair it with the eyeshadow seems to last me alot longger:D!


  • I've already did a quick review on my previous post... She is still fairly new to the family..BUT I know I CANT live without her!!!! ahha.. She makesmy lip very soft and adds a tint of my natural lip color. You can read my preious post. I lover her but she so damn expensive. $35.OOCAD 3.5g / 0.12 OZ


  • These are my everyday lip pencil. If I don't wear lipstick..I just wear the dior glow and just line my lip with these two. The 01 PINK is verynice pink goes on smooth and the 08 SPICE it is the shade of my lip.. which you can see by the picture I am almost done using SPICE. What I love about them is that it comes with a lip brush so you can brush them on evenly! It is about $21.00CAD
There you have it!! These are all my favourite products SOOO far. It's a pretty long post wow.. But yah I hope some of these can help you out..Mmm keeeppp in mine with the color I've chosen is just a personal preference!! You can check out the counter for each items before making any kinds of purchases ;p These are just what my daily beauty musttt haves!:D

Oh and this is just few pictures from Valentine day :D I'm wearing PINK hahaha.. :D I should probabbly start doing a post on my outfit...soon. :| I'm very soorrryyy for the long post but I just wanted to make sure I haven't missed out anything:D Hope everyone did have a good and Happy Valentine day. Also, pleaseee let me know some of you guys must have products..I'd love to try them out:D:D 0kaa this is it have annnnn amazing day.. I know I will..working in about 3 hours heheh then right after straight to the pool hall.. :o Kill me now. XOXO Cindyy


xoladiihoneyxo said...

pretty lady! and I love pink ;] all day every day. lol. I should really look into the dior lip balm. I've been wanting it forever but wasn't sure if I want to spend that much. Maybe if I try it at the counter to see. hmm.... seems like you're a MAC girl! lol.

miss D said...

The pink lip color looks really good on you dear!

Check out my site, I'll be your personal shopper! ;)

Liana said...

yay, now we know the secrets of how you stay so gorgeous! and i am so jealous of all the great products you have!
thanks for the great comment on my blog! yeah, my hair may not look damaged in pictures but trust me it is :(

glad you're back to blogging! :)

Beauty Bag 411

-AnGiEpInK- said...

Love your blog post.. Love all your makeup collections..^_^.. Your gorgeous hun..^_^..I follow your blog..

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog..^_^..

Saving Capulet said...

ooh you gorgeous girl where have you been?! so great to hear from you and I just have to write down some of your collections cause I need more make up!

Anonymous said...

Your make up looks amazing. I used to love NYX Dolleye until I tried Falsies.

Toyin O. said...

You look really nice, these are great products, thanks for sharing:)


awesome post!!!
love your style!!
follow u now!


Kassandra said...

Hello darling,

You are gorgeous! I love your blog and now following!!! Would you come in mine and follow me?i'd be very happy!

Dylana Suarez said...

This all looks so great!


kristine♥♥♥ said...

Great blog :)I nominated you for my blog award!

From Broadway said...

gorgeous eye make-up! said...

Wow! great tips, your make-up looks so beautiful. I'm lovin the Dior Addict lipstick 2. :)

Would u like to follow me back?
I have a nice gift that i will give away with 100 followers. (And a nice fashionblog ;)

Xoxo Eva

The Tame Lion said...

Absolutely fantastic!
Thanks for sharing, I'll introduce this blog to my wife. :)

*~kAy~* said...

you're so pretty!
thanks for sharing your favs! :3

Jesa said...

Holy hell you're beautiful! Love your hair too-lovely blog!
x, Jesa

Mariolino said...


Summer said...

I love Blot Powder too, I feel like it's so underrated! This is a really great post, and you're super gorgeous <3 :)

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