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PostHeaderIcon How...I do my 3D Nail Art!~ {Basic}

Hi Everyone!!!

I know it has been a while since I've blogged...but I've been extremely busy with work and spending time with my family + the boyfriend..hahah..I also want to wish everyone a wonderful New Year!!! I know I said I would try to even blog once ... but I guess I just haven't had the chance..When I blog I want to blog BLOG...meaning I want to put lots of time and effort into it! I guess you can say I was lazy. =__=;;

The reason why I've decided to blog for you guys today is..well I have beeen doing my nails and keeping them pretty..and I just want to FINALLLY share with you guys how I really do it!! It's really simple how I do it..and well it last long and loooks really good. A lot of people been wondering if I normally get them done proffessionally..I say no. I have learn to do it myself and really I jsut want to show you guys howww simpleeee it really is.

Keep in mind this.. If you want it to last a LONGG TIME...use Instant Nail Glue...if you want to keep changing it and have new designs...use clear coat..i'll explain to you what I mean. Meanwhile..this is your 'NAIL INGREDIENTS'..that you will need.


  • Color Nail Polish
  • Dry Fast Top Coat
  • Nail Filer
  • Nail Dotter
  • Precision Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Tray
  • Fimos
  • Jewels/ Gemstones
  • Nail Glue/ Clear Polish
  • AND of course you're going to need your Nails..I'm using a practice nail set..hehe


STEP 1. Files your nails and make sure its the shape you want..Pick your Fimos and Gemstones. I normally try to get 1pce of Fimo few little gemstones and pearl or rings..depending of the design I go for..

STEP 2. If your Fimos aren't cut then cut them. I normally cut about maybe 12 pces..just incase.

STEP 3. Once done cutting the fimos and picking them onto the tray so it is easier for you to pick them and applying it onto your nails.

STEP 4. Paint your nail with the color you desire. Wait for it to dry..

STEP 5. Using the Clear nail polish and nail dotter ..dab the nail dotter into the clear nail polish and poke the fimos or gemstones then you will apply it to your nail wherever you want. Once you have place your fimos make sure you go over them with a clear coat. for everything you drop into the nail apply right away the clear coat..It keeps them from curling.. Using clear coat to stick the fimos will last but it will be easier to remove.

STEP 6. Using instant nail glue dab it onto your nails and use the nail dotter {make sure it has a little bit of clear coat on the dotter} and poke the fimos and place them where you put the glue... This glue method will last much longer than the clear coat...but it is also harder to take off..Unless you want them stick on GOOOD! By applying the glue you dont necessary need to re-apply clear coats.

FINAL STEP. Apply Dry fast Top coat wait for it to dry..then go again few more layers just to make sure that everything loooks nicely placed!! So there you have it guys..I know it is that simple! Depending how well you take care of your can have themmmm for as longgg as you want and you will also learn along the way to do alll type or different style ..designs with them.

If yoou'ree not using the glue method and prefer using clear coat..just make sure you clear coat it once everyday or whenever you feel like you might have to..To remove the fimos using the clear coat method all you have to do is take a cotto balls/pad and just soak on top of the nail for a bit and it will come right off..I stop doing the clear coat method and now I use glue becuase...I find that it stays on much longer! Working in retail and a pool hall can be very rough to my it was easier to peeel off the fimos... Now I prefer using the glue does the job..sometime I dont have the time to re-do my I prefer having them last much longer. Keep in mind with the glue that let say youve decided to not want them anymore...same thing as the clear method..use nail polish remover to clean up all the polishes..and then just grab a tweezer and carfully pull the fimos back.. You have to be more patient with the glue..since it sticks on really well. Another tip if you are using glue..make sure you hhave nail polish on and few coats of clear then apply the glue on top of the nail that you dont put glue on your natural looks gross and realllyyy hard to take out..I haven;t had any problems with the 3D nail art..I love it..and it's cute just got to take care of it..and have the patience to do it. :) I hope this help...I'm prob going to do a video ...probabbly easier to lern..but yah I guess picture step will help for can probably find some fimos in japantown nail salon, Ebay and other online nail stores.
Oh and this is my nails right now:D I hope you like them!!~~

Let me know if you have done it..
I reallly want to know if this helped :D



TzeYien89 said...

these r cute. im a nail technician n i do 3d art n these r good =] fimo sticks are so fiddly to cut though!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME ! Wow. Beautiful nail art ! I've never attempted anything like this before but it sounds like a fun summer project to take upon. I love it. And I feel totally the same about not blogging unless it's REALLY BLOGGING ! Man, your efforts paid off ! Really interesting post !

Saving Capulet said...

oh greaaat to hear from you pretty girl! I missed you so much1 but i'm glad to hear that you are spending great time with family and boyfie! thank you so much for this tutorial! I am a big fan of you and your nails! I might have to try my hand son this soon :>

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I haven't used those eraser looking thing that you cut up. lol! I will look for it in the future. Doesn't it feel weird?

You have been awarded by me!! =]

Dylana Suarez said...

So cool!


*~kAy~* said...

awwwwwww so cute! <3
love the melody fimo! :P
your designs are really nice :) thanks for the tutorial!

Inspired make up said...

Oh my melody is so damn damn cute :) i loveeeeeee your nails :)

When i see your picture i think you are Michelle Phan looks like twins.


very talented! xx

grace said...

They're so cute!!!
I really love nail art, but I have no patience and no talent like you! I use Seche Vite top coat too, but I'm still impatient haha

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