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Whyyy helllooo there ;)

I made LASAGNAA for dinner today! I finally feel llikeee I did it. Like it was PERFECT. Oka, it was PERFECT to me. I didn't take any culinaryyy school or anything hahaha..It was very simple and I didn't do it the real LASAGNA way..I just boiled some fusilli pasta and made mm separate tomatoe sauce then I added some TEX MEX chheese from Kraft!

I worked with Rosie today, she's pretty cool. I always make her laugh which is nice ahaha.. Our store is still BUY ONE GET ONE 50% off. REITMANS guys!! Hahhaa.. I had this man came in today to buy his wife a dress shirt and dress pant. He asked me if it was BUY ONE get ONE HALF. I of course replied IMMMEDIATLYY... Why of course sir! That's our deal! He said what if I buy Two Dress shirt and 1 dress pants...CAN I get BOTH the dress shirt half off? Mmmm.NO? If you want to DRESS SHIRT for half off...You have to get another items to make that DRESS SHIRT half off.. ITS NOT BUY ONE AND GET TWO HALF OFF... The DEAL sign is right in front of the store..then he gives me this..mmm BUT you know I SHOP AT REITMANS alll the time for my wife. She loves your store..can you give me discounts? Ahh my goshh... seriousllyy.. hahha whatevr.. Anywhooo. Work WAS good OVERALL hahah..:P

I did also went to MAC and grabbed the CYNDI Lauper lipstick and Full Fuchsia blush from the Riveting collection!!! I went back to MAC to exchange my lipliner! I have OAK pair it up with my Blankety lipstick...but the shade is What I NEEDED WAS the Dervish! They didn't have it in stock...Blah..but mm

Yah I was looking at the Lauper lipstick..and well yah yesterday I got GAGA..but...THIS color was BEAUTIFUL! I mean..Gaga is a pale nude pink. Lauper is more coral reddish pinkk and the girl at the counter says that..this color is unique..not manyy are that shade! Finish: High-Lustre..Goes to a good CAUSE =D

Oh and this is the GAGA Shade I didn't get a chance to post it up. I was lazy. It's a cool-blue pink:D Pretty nice. Gooooddd for any skintone pretty muchh. It's hot:=]

Noww tooo my Riveting collection..I picked up the blush. I'm sooo in love with this blush color! haha At first when I saw the advertisement..I was like ehh meh? It's oka.. not my cup of tea. Then, when I was there...I WAS AHHH. I just like the blush sooo much. Full Fuchsia. Rawrrr Very bright iridescent fuchsia color and it's a satin finishh but the site says FROST hahha.. I don'tknow:P I like the lipstick..Snow Orchid..but I think I'll be a littl3 easy on the lippie for now..because...

I got two more lipstick from VERSACE.. hahahaa. These two colors I don't have. I don't have that many ppurplee or beige tone colors! I decide heyyy why not give these bebe a try!!! HEART hearttt

This is the V2010-C and its a very dark but soft purple. What I mean by that is..well ONE layer the color is already dark but still very prettyy and girly not gothic looking at all. The more layers you add the darker it gets..but still very sophisticate and classy. You know? From the photo the color applies very smootthhh MORE SMOOOTH THAN MAC. hahah tooo bad there wasn't that many color choice. SOLD OUT :@ grr

This is the V2073-L which is a light beige. It's a nude color butttttt does have a shine..gloss look to it..which can be worn everyday..You know how somenude beige give you that dry wash out color..well this is BEIGE nude but has a bit of shimmer that gives it a bit dimension ahhaha.. It's also sheeerr but really nice because youcan build up the darknesss of the colorrr!!

I love everything I've purchased today! Dayy OFF tommorow...SO I'll do more swatches and mm maybe I'll create a look with this purple lip:| ahaha.. I'm not sure what I'll be doing tommorow really...Going bed soon ITS 4:00AM. I have a sleeping problem. I can't sleep early anymore 4:00AM Is considered Early for me.. MY BODAYYY WONT shut down..Ohh nooo..haha Goood night love! Take care



C'est moi, Cecilia ♥ said...

yum @ lasagna :)
NYX glosses are pretty good! great for the cheap/affordable price tag.


Lisa said...

wow, nice food, you are making me hungry already =P


xbbkay said...

the blush looks hot. i love it!

and the lipstick i can imagine on you. i don't think i can ever wear such a bold lipstick! hahaha. the colour is GORGEOUS THO, i love that dark plum, purple/red

the tan colour looks gorgeous as well. WEAR IT SOON! i wanna see channer!

Saving Capulet said...

we dont have enough mac here, it's insane!! i am soo wanting the gaga shade

plus! now im craving for lasagnaa!! yours looks soo delish!

Sharlene Kay said...


Serena said...

OMG... my stomach is growling uncontrollably now. Your lasagna looks so good. {*drool} I'm about to head out for dinner.

LOL @ but one get two half off. I would LOVE that deal but my wallet would hate my for it. =X

Don't you love how you go to a store to return something, but end up spending more than you returned? I did that today. Told myself I'm going to buy nothing and just return my item... I ended up spending double the amount returned.
Love the Lauper lipstick by the way. I was at the MAC store today and it was PACKED. I couldn't find anything. Everyone was getting makeovers everywhere [except me].

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