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PostHeaderIcon Wonderful day:) MAC & NYX & L.A Girl + Annoyed of..

Hi guysss

I'm done my Red Earth Swatches. Still have to do the 2 MASCARAS but I think I'll do that later. I don't really feel like it in the moment =/ I hope the swatches are great. Some of the eyeshadows I bought but never actually swatched it =O. I end up loving most of them ALOT. I might do a few looks using them, later! Today, I end up working and I had about 1 hour before I start work. soooooo guess where I end up going? MAC, inside the bay.

I neeeded to pick up Charcoal Brown eyeshadow for my eyebrows! I'm letting them grow outtt and well they look nasty right now:| I forgot they only sell e/s refills at the MAC store. I end up getting the compact , also it's for my eyebrow I guess I didn't mind to have it separate from my other e/s palleettte! I did end up swatching this one:p MATTE finish of course! It is like the perfect eyebrow color..Not to dark and you can layer it uppp!

I also got MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam Gaga and Laugh A Lot from the Spring Colour 1 Forecast! I alreadyy have Da Bling e/s. I really love how smoooth they apply! They are both Lustre finnisshhh. The GAGA is a cool blue pink tone. Barbie pink for example and well the Laugh A Lot is like a mauve pink color! I love them both.. I'll swatch it later:|

Then, after MAC.. I did end up going to Cosmetic Warehouse at the mall to grab NYX Lipstick in Lousiana Frappucino, Rea & Honey. I think I'll do swatches on my NYX Lipstick tommroow if I'm not mm too busy. When I was there...I forgot which colors I have at home...AGAIN I endup buying these product I swatch them at the store but when I get home I don't end up PLAYING with them RIGHT away. I also got two nail colors from L.A Girl MATTE Edition in Matte Red & Matte Sky Blue!

Yah.. I got make up which I didn't want to get any make up this month..but I guess sometime you just can't help it:P hahha. SO. After, I was done. I head to work and well..WORK was fine..UNTIL THE end of my night. I had to close today and OMG. I hate the ones that comes to the store at 8:50PM and end uppp stayinggg for like ever.. Sshe made such a huge mess in the changeroooooomm and then leave with just one or two items. The ones that keep yapping about their life and whatever. =O It was 9:20PM. Mall is closed at 9:00PM. After, she left of course now it was the time to start counting and everything. We end up leaving the store 10 minutes before 10:00PM. =[ That annoys me sometime. Especially when that customer also says.."Oh..I'm prob wasting your time..I know you guys want to leave her earlyy...BUT what do you think of this JEANS and this PAIR of shirt? Should I GO wiht something more DRESSY?" Yah, good customer service..we have to help her out.. blahhhhhhhhhhh. Annnoyinnngg. Other than that. I was prettyyy good. ATE McDonalds for dinner:| hahah

It's 6:23AM. I didn't sleep yet:| I'm about to go get ORANGE Juice anddd eat some egg rolls. Ahh bad habbiittt. I'm going to nap for maybe 5 hours? I talked to my parents today. I miss them Alot:D My momm is still goofs around and my dad is still the same haha LAME. No, I'm joking. He's been having some nightmares. That was me before. hhehe:|

Alright good morning to some of you and good night:D

Cindy xoxox


Anonymous said...

Love the mac lipsticks I love theones with lustre finish xo mw

Saving Capulet said...

oh my the nude ones are so pretty!!

CyndiixPii said...

omg. so want that gaga lippy!!! AHH!

Serena said...

CRAZY!! 6:23AM!! Aren't you burnt out from the long eventful?!

I agree with you on how sometimes you can't help but shop. It's just so hard to say no sometimes. I tell myself I won't buy [blah blah blah... fill in the blank] when I make a trip to the mall because I don't want to spend money but I'd just end up buying something else.

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