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Heyy Heyyyy:P

Yesterday..I worked from 10:00AM- 7:00PM, I was put into the store front and I just want to say that sometimes it's fun and sometimes it succkkksss. Oka, I love helping people..but I don't like it when people take advantage of your goodness. Ya know what I mean? I was helping this woman, she was really nice and everything..introduced herself and asked my name..

At first, she found the style of pants she liked, but didn't want to spend more than $40CAD. SO, I grabbed her a size 13 and 11 in the Black Dress pants section. She kept looking in the sale section, which didn't have much variety. I told her that these Black Dress pants are also on sale but not much from the original price which is $40CAD and it was on sale for $36CAD. I told her that the sale section is only what is left and if theres only a size 11 left in that particular style..that's it. She kept saying oka and goes to the back change room and tried the Black Dress pants I gave her and she grabbed a size 11 in the Grey Dress pants from the sales rack. I believe they were $19CAD.

I was taking care of the table in the front and she yells out CINDY! I walked towards her to see how everything went.. She kept the one of the Black Dress pants in size 11 and that Grey Dress pants in size 11. She told me she like the Grey dress pants more and she wants me to look for the same one in size 13. I helped her look..but there was none in size 13.. Only 3, 5, 9 and 11. She puts on her glasses and told me that the size 13 fits her better not realizing that she was holding on to the Black Dress Pants in size 11, she meant to hold on to the size 13 but she put it somewhere and then..she said; Cindy where is that 13 you gave me.. ??

I told her Oh didn't you take it with you to the change room? She said yes but I came back and I put it in here..."The sales rack" everything was all over the I grab her another size 13 Black Dress's the same one but she said IT'S not..than she put on her glasses and then again realized it WAS the same one.. She said she didn't want to pay $36CAD and asked me to help her get a discount. I told her sorry, that's the price and theres nothing I can do.. As I was trying to explain to her again about the sales rack that whatever that's left, that's it. She got kind of angry and frustrated so she told me that she wanted ALL SIZE 13s in Grey color in the sales rack so she can try it and see how it fits. I asked her if she wanted ALL size 13s in grey.. She said yes..but told me to keep the Grey in 11 & Black Dress pant in size 13 just incase she decides to spend $40CAD.

I grabbed her all the size 13s she wanted from the sales rack. I put the pants she told me to hold on to into the front desk at the cash area with the girls so they can hold on to it for her. I then go back to the front and fix other racks and tables. 20 - 30Minutes later..I noticed one of my co-workers from the back that was taking care of the change rooms..brought all the pants that were on sale that the lady tried on back to the racks.. So I walked towards my co-worker and asked what happen. She told me she didn't like any of them and that it wasn't the same as the one she tried on which was the Grey in size 11..

My face was O_O .. I mean..jeeez woman ahah..I felt bad for my co-worker who had to deal with her in the back. She told me that the lady ended up buying just ONE pair and that was the Black Dress pant in size 13, the one I picked for her. The $36CAD one. It kind pissed me off...but again that's my job right? To satisfy my customer with their needs. Excellent Customer Service ya?>>

That's that. After work.. ----

I came home and watched Inglourious Basterds with bf and Dat...and ahhh my goshh.. I actually reallly like the movie. Brad Pitt;s accent and his character is pretty funny:)

I would rate this movie 8.5/10 because one of the cool guy died. It is a Quentin Tarantino film:P The guy who man Kill Bill and errr Pulpu Fiction.. I don't want to spoil the movie if you haven't watched it yet:P I mean if you are into history..WW11 time..bloodyy scene and errr ya know.. just into the's drama.. It's Nazi if you get kinda mm offended? It does have alot of mature content. I really like it but then again I like movies that is mm smart? ahahaha I don't know how to explain it.. You just have to watch it but yahh lots of brutal graphic just a warning:P

Bf, end up making this strawberry drink that night:D Frozen Strawberry, ICE, Strawberry Syrup and Strawberry Daquiri Mix..

So Delicious. Bf is always doing some cool drinks Hahah:D
So other than the work issue thing with the lady.. The movie and the drink made my day betterrr:) That's all for nowwww guyss hope you enjoy me ranting about work ahaha..Watch the movieee if ya daree:D
hahah take caree!~~



Anonymous said...

that drink loook so good rite now hehe ;)

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