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PostHeaderIcon Canada Computers Dinner Party:)

Hi guys..
I know I haven't blog for a while..been busy with work and ya know..Personal Life:p ahahha. The Dinner party was on Tuesday night. I will write what I can remember. How did I get to go to this Christmas dinner partyy? Well, bf works at Canada Computers now :) He told me that two years ago when he was working for them.. He went to the party and that they gavee away lots of prizes!!~ Lot's of food and so on. I was excited..he asked me to be his date ahhaha...Only one other guy who brought his date. The location was in Markham, past Pacific Mall. It was beautiful!~~ Here are few photos..

Me in the car waiting..That's how I did my make up..Pretty simple:D

Bf pumping some gas..I believe it was pretty cheap that day:P

The direction bf put in his phone:O Our version of our GPS. hahaha

This is what the dinner place call! Bf's lip got in the way ahhaha

My wine and table area:D .. We got our table set up last since there was stuff on the side.. We had to wait another 5-10 minutes.

The President of Canada Computers, Mr Chan:D Yahhhh we share the same last name:P ahaha. He seems like such a nice man. Very successs and very richh haha:P

After Mr. Chan's speech..we started dinner. Our first dish was BBQ Pork:)

Second Dish - Shrimp/ Scallops and Green peas..I believe it was Oyster or mushroom sauce. Delicious!

Third Dish - Crab Claw:D.. It's so cute and I love crab claws..who doesn't? hahah well, there was this annoying person that sat next to me..him and his gf wasted so much FOOOD. They didn't bother eating anything:S Grrr.

Fourth Dish - Shark Fin soup. Real shark fin soup!!~ The people who worked with bf doesn't seams to like it so they didn't bother trying so me and bf.. got their soup!~ Yummmiiii!~~

Fifth Dish - Portobello Mushroom & Bok Choy's Steamed

Break - All Canada's Computer Managers singing the Christmas carols.

Back to Dinner our Sixth Dish - Soy Sauce Chicken sprinkled with Sesame!@!~

Seventh Dish - LOBSTERRRRRR..ahh it was so gooood but i couldn't get it all.. it was stuck..+ so messy to eat them:(

Eighth Dish - Huge Fish with Steamed Broccoli.. I thought it was Calamari at first..

Ninth Dish - Eitherr noodles or Fried rice.:P I took noodles and bf had fried rice.. Noodles I had liek 3 dish or something..I wanted to eat the fried rice also..but it had onions =( Booo

Last Dish for Dinner was Desserrtt:D - Mango Pudding and Jello or cookies:D

That was the dinner.. We didn't end up winning anything but we did get table prizes.. Hahah I got some screw driver from Saphire..but I trade it in for headphones. I didn't need screwdrivers.. Bf said it was a good brand but meh. =P Bf was suppose to get a stuff Intel men..toy thingyy..but I guesss they ran out so.. He got that Box/ seat thing. I also got a universal travel adapter..haha and Heres what we brought from the Dinner party:D

:D The box/ seat thing look so put pops in there ahah.. It's good beccaause he is hiding them..and is not drinking so much POP:P

A close up:D

Well, guys overall the party was really great. I got to meeet bf's Manager, Kelvin. He seeem like such a ggreatt manager..He came to visit our table alot. Manager have their own tables, but Kelvin kept coming back with more wine and really he seems to care for his employee alot:D Making sure we have everything we needed!~ Sam, bf's old manager won a WII and Kelvin won the ASUS Netbook:P I was like awww man.. I wanted that:@ Lucky people. The only thing that I didn't enjoy much..was sitting with boring people. Hahah no offense the people at my table was veryy errmm BORING:| The guy and his gf kept yapping and being so disrespectful. They also wasted so muchh food. He kept talking over the president's speech and kept saying "Wth is he talking about? I don't understand..balbalbla" Dude just freaking listen and shut up and maybe try to understand it.. The majority of the people there was Chinese so of course their accent is a bit hard to understand..but maybe if you shut up and try to listen you might pick up a few things. ya know? They were really annoying.. and just BLAHHHH:@:@ I wish I didn't sit next to them. Everyone else was oka. =o Overalll..the dinner party was great and it was interesting!~ There was a belly dancer and I liked her hair color. Too bad she was so far.. Our table was Shiittyy. There was also.. a magic guy..which seems so mmm fake Hhahah.. like it wasn't like was mor elike.. Ohhhhh..I see ahahha:P Nothing too fancyy.. The nigh was really about prizes and you know awards and such. I would like to go again next year.. If bf is still working with them:p

That's all for the night:D Thankss forr reading guys.. !~
Take caree !~


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