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This blog is for my BESTIE.. ahahahaha

I kinda love you....

Oh... Oh... Bestie!~~
Why are you so busy!!?

You are so beautiful

and my toes are dull!

I'd never want to lose you..

You are soo0O0o gay

But I'd do YOU....

"From the bottom of my heart
I love you<3"

I just finished a blog about work and now I will write one about my bestie, Anh. Yeah, she was the first person whom I gave the link to.. to read!~

I met Anh back in grade 9/10, well it was probably by the end of grade 9. We never really spoke. We actually started talking by the end of grade 10 going to grade 11. How did we start talking?? Well, I told her I would give her $20 CND if we could be friend forever.. HAHAHA no I'm just joking. We ended up talking about random stuff in the beginning about people we both might know. Turned out that one of the dudes that I KNEW... Anh knew. Although he was alot older than both of us... BUT yes, it got us both talking. Now, this dude was actually Anh's dad's FRIEND, who always asks "Need a ride?"{Heavy Vietnamese accent} hahaha.

Anyways... Anh and I end up talking alot, not just about that but about almost everything. Well, obviously I don't tell her about my dark secret haahha.. tooo riskyy BUT still anything that came up I would call her up and tell her. We would call each other up almost everyday sometime and talk for hours about NOTHING. Anh is not exactly like me. She was more of a good girl. My other best friend and I would do more stupid things. Anh was more of an ANGEL wannabe. I mean she never really goes out much... NOT until me and my other friend used to call her out, then once in a while she would go out. We are not the same because Anh is more of a logical person. I'm not. She sees both sides, I try not to... why? Because sometimes.. I'm an ignorant freak... and I don't want to see that the other person has their reason sometimes too. She does not like HISTORY, I do... Anh is really good with NUMBERS, I'm not! Anh is the only girl child in the family, I'm not! I have two little brothers, 1 little sister and 2 Adopted Aliens {I don't know if their gender, never looked...XD} I use to be the only girl... Until the little sister came out. Oka, back to Anh! Things that WE do have in common are we like Karaoke, Fine Dining, Shopping, Make-up, Family Issues, Family people, Art, HK Films, both mature =D most of the TIME, Nails Freak, BOTH VERY LOVING CHILDREN mauahahaha!!~, both have BF'S for now and on top of that we both dated our BF's around almost same time!~~ and one of the last thing we both have in common is that we are both independent. There are alot more stuff that we have in common and that we are not the same. But we are both independent. The thing is, I don't have to always talk to Anh every single day and night... Or when soemthing bad happens I don't always run to her first. We both have our spaces. What I mean by this is that Best Friends don't always have to see each other or be with each other all the time. I mean if I am going to the mall and yeah I'll call her up to see if she wants to go, but if she doesn't want to, I still go even if she doesn't go, unless she tells me "Hey, I can't go today but let's go tomorrow!! :)" Then yeah it's fine with me. If I think about Anh at the mall {which is rarely..ahaha Just kidding} and I see something nice that is on sale, yeah I'll buy it for her too.. She can pay me back later hahaha.. So that at least if I go to the mall on a Sale day. I got her something too, so she won't feel like, "damn it... I should of went." I won't make her feel bad by saying..."yeahh there was so many things you missed out... hahah I got so much stuff hahah" I am not a B*$%^ ...And I am sure that she understand that too. I mean if shes going to the mall she doesn't need to feel like "OMG, Because Chan and I are bestie..I goottta call her tooo" UNLESS she does need me around. For example, prom shopping or wedding dress shopping. I'll be there to help her find a dress, tell her what's nice or not and help her get ready! I don't need to go with her to the mall if she just needs to get her wardrobe changed. HAhahah we both do like similar type of clothing and close to each other size. Probably better to go different days MUAHAHA... Just INCASE there's one pair of top we both like and only one size left... =]

Yeah, that's most important thing I need to say about Anh... yeah best friends stick with each other until the End, but we don't always have to see each other all the time or to be talking to each other all the time. If it's something bad, yes we do drop time for each other. If I'm going through some kind of emotional attack, yes I will bugg her. If it's for like boredom and she's busy...then I'll give her some time and bug her when she's not busy. Right now it's like her crazy studying week and I probably won't see her until December 16th. Pe ew!~ She's in University right now and I will attend school Fall of '09. I am just working this year>=] trying to save enough for school in Toronto!~ Yeah!!!!

Alight that's good enough for Anh today..
I'll write more later when I get more things to write about.

So what this blog is about is pretty much for Anh and that besties do not always need to spend time with each other and on days that we hang out, things aren't never weird. Why? Because nothing really change between us. We will always be good friend and have understanding in each other.

Oka so I go now !~
Take care and have a great dayy!
Bye Bye for now!~


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