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Hey Hey Hey Everyone

I'm Cindy andyeah this is my first time creating a b log!!! I was bored one day @ work so I thought one day I could create a blog. All I do at work is answer calls and transfering them to their department. No, not a telemarketers job!~ haha I just wait for customer to calls. Either if it is dealing with cameras, desktop, printer or warranties, yes I help them get throught their right department. If there are no calls, well pretty much all I do is surf online... yeah I read just about everything and anything online. If it's interesting, I end up reading more about the same topic! I have to admit I do love my job... Alot of people probably would say I have the most boring job ever but actually to me...I like it.

I like what I do... very simple and since its a job that pay you to sit all day and answer calls and pretty much doing nothing... I like it. When I went to school and worked fulltime... my friends/ co-woker use to always say to me "How do you do it!?!" I had to balance schoool and work, since sometime it is not busy at work I use to always do my hwk at work and if I have to do essay I usually jsut do it at work and send it over to my home email!~ The first time I was hired was in the summer of '07, July 4th and at the time my shift was from 9:00am - 5:30pm! Then when school started in september starting from 8:00am - 2:15pm, my shift was changed from 5:30pm - 2:00am!!!! WOW 2:00 am! Was that good? FOR me yess!!~ Right after school I usually come back home to do a little homework, watch Arthur, make food for my brothers and sister because my parents were at work. Then sometimes I would take about an hour nap and later around 4:00pm, I would start getting ready for work. When it is good weather, I usually walk to work since it's not that far from my parents house. When it is bad weather, I either catch the college bus or bug my uncle/ cousin to drive me. =D Around February/ March my shift hours was changed to 3 - 11:30pm ...haha.. yeah I went straight from school to work!. Was I tired?!@? OF COURSE but sometimes I have lots of energy since I'm so awake!!~~ On March 10th I moved to my own apartment and from there I could catch the college bus which was right in front of my house. Yes, I moved out when I was 18. I've been on my own since!~ =D. I did everything all by myself .. with a little bit of my daddy's help .. thehehe./ But yeahh up until August 31st, my boyfriend whom I dated since Decemeber 1st had a call from my work place that he could start the first week of September, and then moved in with me. But when he got here and was ready to start week a week later, the contract was not ready yet!!! The contract was still not ready...nope not ready until October 21st!!~ What was he doing the whole time while he was living here!?@! Errr pretty much nothing, other than cooking for me when I get home. What kind of work was it?? He was working for BLANK Gaming Laptop and my job is BLANK Call Directors. How does it feel working at the same place with your boyfriend?!@! Well it's not bad at all.. eating lunch together sometimes and no we don't pop up at each other department all the time!~~ haha.. When it comes to work my boyfriend does what he does.

Anyways, at work I seem to learn alot more. Since all I have is Internet access and a phone with a microphone headset, I seem to collect some knowledge from the internet and then transfering them to my head.

Sometimes the thing that sucks about my workplace or maybe any workplace is all the gossip and the annoying customers?!@!!! >=[ Yeah, @ work there are some people that sit on the other side whom I don't really communicate with since they tend to talk alot of S#!@ hahah Also at work there are annoying customers who call and do not know what they are calling about. Like for example..the conversation goes..

Me: "Hi, thanks for calling BLANK Canada, my name is Jenny and how may I direct your call?"

Customer: "{Laughs in the beginning} Hey Jenny, I don't know how you can direct my call...{Laughs in the end}"

Me: "Oka, Sir/Ma'am, what kind of product do you have?"

Customer: "{Laughs AGAIN} Ohhh.. I don't know..."

Me: "HOW THE F$!@ DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR F*&%^!# CALLING ABOUT!?@!" <- haha no I'm joking...but you get the point!

Yeah, that's one example of some of the annoying customers I have... AND its not just one call.. IT HAPPENS alot!!! .. So I mean.. my advice here for those who make a call to a company about your product is either if its for complaint or technical support, know what you're buying, know your product before you make a phone calls. It will make my job alot easier!~~

Alright thats all I have to say about work.. so FAR.. ahhaha This seems quite alot of SHNAP I wrote here!!~~

Yup! I go now. Come back to read some more later of my daily posts!~
Have a wonderful day and be safe now!!
Bye Bye For NOW!~/// ~~!



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