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Yesterday, KOBO Wireless E-Reader was released at Chapters Indigo store! Bf wanted to get it for me for our 34th Months together. Random huh. Well, he decied he wanted to get the New iPOD Touch..but I didn;t want it, because I will be getting my NEW phone next week ...I hope. I'm getting the SAMSUNG CAPTIVATE - Galaxy S. :D I can;t waittttttt... She's such a hot phone. ahha...Anywhoo back to my KOBO.

Bf always noticed that I have suchhh a huge collection Archie & Friends Comic book, so he asked if I'd liek to have an E-Reader. He first looked at the SONY one, but it's a touch screen and the price was much more. It looks nice BUT I liek the KOBO much more. We browse online to seee if there was one available that we can go pick it up, but the wireless one was not release YET. So, I said meh I ddidn;t need the wireless one..we can jsut pick up the one that came out before that...which was $128CAD for the old one. The new one is $149.

The next day 'OCTOBER 14,2010'I called the store and the girl told me that the new one was just released! I was soooo happy..I thought I didn't need the wireless one, but she said it was much faster and the words are more crisp and clear! Now, this is my always with me. I love reading but it depends what kind of reading. Heres just a few pictures of my E-Reader!!


  • *I loveeee the back so much..It's Quilted apparently the first one didn't have that kind of back. =D


  • It is a global eBook retailer backed by Indigo Books & Music, Borders, REDgroup Retail, Cheung Kong Holdings, and other leaders in technology and retail. e-Book are best for book lovers. Instead of bringing your favourite books with you everywhere and damaging your book covers/pages, you can now have it all in one compact device! With the new feature, WiFi you would be able to shop anytime and anywhere. They have more varieties of book and the best sources to find you, yourthat includes New York Times Bestsellers, award winners, classics and much much more!KOBO, you can download it for your iPhone, Blackberry, MAC OS / PC...KOBO is for consumers who love to read anywhere and anytime!!~


  • The new KOBO has the following features -- WiFi Connectivity, longer Battery life, sharper E-Ink Screen and they upgraded their hardwaree...meaninggg their performance is much faster!!
  • Touch the "SHOP" button and you can shop on the GO anytime at anyplace!
  • Popular Newspaper and Magazines? No, Problem! KOBO receives wireless deliveries straight to their eReader
  • Support Epub and PDF, reads for FREE :0
  • If you have an important document you can just drag n' drop onto your SD Card
  • Turns the page at 2.5X times faster!
  • eReader comes pre-loaded with 100 free literary masterpieces
  • It is Lightweight --7 ounces
  • It has 1GB of built in memory which can store up to 1000 ebooks and you can probably store up to 5000 ebooks on a larger SD Card.
  • Able to change to five font sizes and 2 font styles
  • Also, one of the best thing that this has that the old one didn;t have...DICTIONARY. I have it with me all the time!~ wooo


  • It is not colored, soooo my Comics are just plain old black, white vand grays
  • Wish the eBOOK came in moreee colors. BLACK, WHITE, GRAY AND LAVENDER were the only colors available.. I wanted a Pink
  • Can't protect the screen because if I added a screen protector, it just ruins the idea of having a no glare screen. Oh yah there is no glare when reading that was a ( + ) =]
  • Due to the type of plastic the eReader has, it is easy to leave marks on the finiish...I gotta find some kind of skin..protector thing =/


  • Glad that I GOT this, becuase this kinda motivates me to read. There is no other distraction on this access to music on this device..just reading alone
  • By just reading the 'PROS' of this eReader, makes me realize that this is goood..It wasn't more than $200CAD..
  • If you work, in the business field where you have lots of documents and readings to do...instead of bringing your NOTEBOOK/SMARTPHONES...this is better to read becuase it uses eInk instead of standard LCD which can strain your eyes after a long period of use..
  • Even though I can just download the eBook onto my computer ...I think the eReader is great becuase of the size of the scrreenn not tooo big but no tooooo small
  • Awesome design. UNIQUE QUILTED BACK WHICH LOOKS AMAZINNNGGG..HAPPY that it is not a touch screen like the SONY 650 eReader becuase...knowing me...I might end up touching the screen by accident which can cause to turn the page or do some riddiculous thing.
  • In comparissonn to a Sony 650 eReader their price is $249CAD which is about $100 difference to the KOBO
  • My KOBO came with 100 free eBoooks and guess which one..ALICE IN WONDERLAND hahaha...I loved the movie..I can't wait to read it



  • RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT? Yes! If youra book lover!
  • PURCHASE AGAIN? No. I'm going to take good care of it, SO that it will always be in perfect condition. =D

I'm so glad I got this as a gift. =D I wouldn't ever think of getting one myself, just because I didn't mind buying Archie when I'm at Walmart or Shoppers...or w.e but this is really good..I can havee alll my books with me anywhere. I am looking for a good case/ skin to protect my eReader. Although I haven't had it for tooo long..I can tell I really likeit. The review is just based on what the features are and soo far they all work and simple to use! SOOOOO if you know someone who loves to read...and don't know what to get them for Chrismas..THIS IS THE PERFECT GIFT. Just make sure that the books you are looking for, can be downloaded!

xoxo Cindy


Saving Capulet said...

my bf needs to get me one of this, too. I'm just downloading e books and read them through my phone, I can manage but this would be so much more convenient! happy reading <3

MissJayce said...

omgosh, i would totally get this just for archie comics!

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