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PostHeaderIcon My Samsung WB550

I would like everyone to meet WB550!

She is super awesome!!! First of all I would like to tell you the story of how I got her. My old camera which was the Sony DSC-T20, was great. I had that camera for 2 years! Nothing was wrong, the color was fine..but sometime it was a bit yellow..To view the quality of the can go back to some of my old post..those were all taken by the Sony camera! Anywhoo what happen was...My bf was done drinking his juice box and then left the juice box on the floor...than I made him Lychee desert..the one in the cans with the syrup =p..he finished his bowl of desert and left the desert bowl with the syrup left..beside the juice box. Now this was the =O AHH part.. I took some pictures and I sat on the couch to show him..Then I got up and left to do some chores..........He placed my camera on top of the juicebox and ..i guess FORGOT about it. I came back and he accidently swing his hand by the juicebox & the camera...FELT in the bow of syrup. =/ I should of took his bowl away but..I wasn't thinking also.. HE thought that he wouldn't have hit the camera...BUT really ...WHO PUTS CAMERA ON AN EMPTY JUICEBOX?!?21@;\ haha...ahhh he felt realllyyy bad....

The next day he came back with this new babyyy!!! I loveeee it soooo much! It was my bday coming up I told him that this as a gift is fine...since my old camera waas about 2yrs...which works great...but this ONE is 10x better!!

Samsung WB550 features:

  • 12.2 Megapixel with 3.0" hVGA LCD screen
  • 10x Optical Zoom Schneider-KREUZNACH's lens
  • TV Viewing? NoProblem! This baby has a built-in HDMI-CEC connection
  • Perfect Portrait system, Dual Image Stabilization, Smart Auto and offers many more manual controls.
  • 22 mm Ultra WIDEEE angle lens <-- also claims that this compact digital camera to be the first to combine a 22 mm ultra wide angle lens with a 10x optical zoom!
  • DSLR Performance in a compact size!
  • High sensitivity ISO 3200 which minimizes noise for that nice crystal clear pictures!
  • Recycle bin? When you delete a picture...the pictre is actally stored in the recycle bin..sooooo you can go back just incase you Accidently deleted them! Kinda like your computer :p
This review is really based on MY opinion and how I really feel about this camera.


  • No need to photoshop
  • Lots of different shoot setting!
  • Easy to wipe and clean
  • Not DSLR too expensive!
  • Takes really clear photos
  • Easy To view images
  • Big Screen
  • Beautiful Design
To me, this works really nice outdoor..indoor...flash/ no flash..I haven't had any kind of problems. There is a setting for certain type of photo I'm trying to capture, for example..Let's say I wanted to take a really good picture of my face without the flash being so bright that it brightens up my face there is an option call 'Beauty Shot' I want some pictures of the beach, well then I will choose 'Scenery Shot' There is sooooo much variety of shots I can take. I'm not a poffessional photographer or anything..but from what I can see..this seeems like a very good camera! Apparently it says that this is suppose to be a DSLR performance camera but compact small and not too heavy to carry around!
The WB550 hides its 24 mm ultra wide 10x optical zoom lens and 3.0'' intelligent LCD screen in an unbelievably slim and compact body, making it half the size of other compacts in the high-end zoom category. - Samsung Site
I really also like the fact that the screen is much bigger than my older camera! I think my last one was 2.5? It is very clear when viewing the images through the screen! My last camera never had the zoom lens coming out. It was just really slim..this one I had to get use to the lens coming out. hehe.. =0 Overall, this feels much better. It doesn't look cheap. =P What I mean by that is...the quality ...I;ve seen other camera which I've played with feels blah..but when I hold this fels very expensive! This camera is $239.99 at my bf's store. He did got it under Empl.Discounts! I think this is a bit less than my first one...and the reason why I think that is...Is old one was much more slim and something easy to just take out for the night.


  • It's not slim..Can't take her out clubbing
  • Comes in black and grey
  • Must always have a protective if not careful and it is thrown in CAN accidently turn it on and could also break the lens!

The only downfall..that I've realized about the WB550...I can't take her out EVERYWHERE. Let;s say...CLUBBING. I wouldn't want to carry her at night, although it would be an amazing camera for nightime..but I'm taking really goooood care of it. I don't want to end up losing it or dropping it because I end up being shitface or something hahaa.. I can't just throw her in my purse like my old camera...My old camera was alot slimmer and the lens did not come out. I can't really think of anything bad about this camera since i LOVE IT SOOO much =D;s one of those items that I know I will cherishh for the rest of my life hahaa.. If you're also interested in this camera you can check out their website for price and info or if you live in Canada.. because the store is only located in Ontario, you may purchase this online..I will provide you booth site for that. Also, bf came across this one Review site about this camera ..that I will also provide for you at the bottom of this post=]

Photo Taken with WB550

Scenery People Random Face Shot

My overall review:

...about this camera is ♥♥♥♥♥ 4/5..Just because I can't take her out dancing with me! I would like to also say that, majority of the photo that are taken are not photoshoped..the only thing I've used photoshoped for resize the image and changed the width to 500pixels. If you're interested in this camera check out these links below. My review sounds very haha...mmm not sooo nerdish..I hope you like the photo qualities! Question for you guys..
"Which camera are you using and how goood is it??"

Samsung Website

: Click Me

Where to Buy

: Click Me

Another Perspective view on this camera

: Another Review


Frances said...

wow the picture quality is amazing... tks for introducing her to us :)

grace said...

WOW! I'm loving the photo quality..maybe I should get one of these haha

Life of Temptation said...

LOL..i love her!!

♥ Jhoy ♥ said...

I love samsung! my camera is also samsung as well as my phone! tee hee and your so pretty! and yay your back to blogging talk about MIA! ahaha <3

Liana said...

wow that camera sounds great and those photos look amazing! i need a new camera, i hate mine! thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

I like the photo quality. :)
My camera and cellphone are also Samsungs. Love the 3rd photo.


Diana said...

This camera looks awesome! How are you like the versace perfume? I'm thinking about getting it.

xo, Diana

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