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Hii Guys,

I was going to post earlier but I didn't get a chance to. >=[ I went to look for a new home. Bf is planning to get a house with TN. We're still deciding what we are going to do. I just wanted to do quick updates of what I've been doing since I was away from blogging. I mean I can't remember EVERY little thing I did, but just from what I can remember:P Most of the time we just been out BBQ-ing and well, my friend Jodee, since I did her nails 2x now, decided to DO my nails:D

This is Jodee WITH her nails I've created :) Everytime I do her nails she watches me carefully and well..She's such a quick learner! I mean if you are really want to learn on how to do 3D nails art..LET me know, so I know people are interested and I will deifnitely post some videos. :D I'm just organizing few things before I get started though. I don;t know if I will be committedd enough to keep coming with new designs and videos.

Just like blogging, I may feel like I want to design or write or do video every night, but I Might end up being lazy at one point and just stop. I'll see..Let me plan everything out..what I will be doing and HOPEFULLY, I can start doing video:)Jodee is just doing my nails. I'm so glad that she can do it. I mean I'm happy when I know I've taught someone something

I remember helping people with French when I was younger and when they can pronounce everything properly. I get soooo Happyy:D Anywhoo this is the result, when Jodee was DONE. Amazinnnnnngg huh??? I love it soo much.. I even loved it more than the one I did for her haha..My nails were short since I've cut them and well the reddish/pink just pop sooo much. I would have to call this nail "Jodeee Time" since she created this, why not use her name:D

Well, I just wanted to share with you this day. It was few weeks ago. Actually it was the week of her birthday..May4th,2010 I believe. 3D designs are just sooo fun to play with. It;s cute and at the same time...just fun to look at. I've been getting lots of compliment with different nail styles everytime I do them. They last for a gooood 3 - 4 weeks depending on how well you take care of them. I DO know that if you just do tip and designs on the tip they can last a long time..but when you paint your nailpolish on your whole nail and when they grow you can seee it. That's the only I stick with tips and I try not to get to close to my curticle.:) Well, keep readiingg, I'm jsut doing kind of a longg quick update post.:P I just want to update about few things:D

Cindy xoxox


grace said...

those are really cute!!
do my nails!! hahaha jkjk

Saving Capulet said...

I super wish you can do my nails!!! ToT

Miss♥Nikka said...

I would love love love to learn how to do 3d nails please teach us, I would love to learn :]

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