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:) Why hello!!!

My brother and sister went home TODAYYY:D Hahah notice theres a big smile? Ahh nooo, I'm very happy that I got to spend time with them and all but FOR ONE WHOLE weeek:P It was a bit mm TOO much>?..If you guys have brothers and sister you'll know what I mean. I DO misss them alott!!~~ This was their first time visiting me..and when I see them I'm happy..but omggg they eat sooo much..Let's jsut say I was like A MOMMY. My sister {TATA} is 13 and my brother {KENNY} is 18, they reallyy just eat sleep mm play and poop AHHAHA no im joking.. They are fun to be around .. but yahh I dont know how to word it. I haven;t been updating because well..

1. I got lazy. Lazy to type. Lazy to uploads. Just lazy. =__=
2. When..I work..I come home eat/sleeep. Thenn.. That;s it:|
3. Not in the moood
4. Lazy..
5. I'm not on the computer.
6. I don't know..I just felt like putting 6.

Update starts.. mm On the 24th. Christmas EVE:P

We also celebrate Khoa's birthday that day!~ TN was also leaving to New Brunswick On Christmas It was really just a get together. I got Khoa's gift on the same day.. Sigh..bad..Last min shopping..BUT It was cute. I got him a bathrobe but its not just any kind of's the one kids can still wear around the house with under clothes? I also got him a long sleeve sweater/shirt..It was from CHildren's place and ahhh It's sooo cute:| I love Children's place :| They have such cute baby/kids clothes :) When we got to TN's we started playing Monopoly but we didn;t end up finishing the game. Tn's mom also made Turkey and yahh we got invited to come have Turkey Dinner and Tn made mashed potatoes whcihc hmm he kinda left it mm a little too look so it was kind of mushhhi but still eat-able. hahaha.. After that we just went straight to the cake:) Ahhh yummmyyyy here are few photos. From Khoa;s bday:)


The Yummmyyy Cake!~~

Khoa Turning three years old and I believe his sister put on some make up on him..CUTE MUCH?

TN and baby Khoa:)

Us Being GoooooFy

Us Being Normal

Khoaaa and my Gift :) Sooo cutee@!!

Khoaa and my other Gift..I don't think he likes it ahaha... =/

Girls Team Gingerbread House

Boys Team Gingerbread House

Khoaa was wearing the robe all night:D Tn also got soem Ginger bread house which mm girls vs Boys. Anna Tn;s sister was pretty good witht he Gingerbread home but mm Khoa shook the our house box before we opened it..and well it broke.. so Annna was trying to fix it for us. Wee didnt win.. :( butt it;s oka. .. Our hosue look really jsut didn't last tooo long aha .. It was a fun night..we just end up being tired and left home..I had to wake up early to clean up our place beecause MY PARENTS are coming over ON Christmas day and well my mom she gets reallyy angry if the house is messy. She has OCD =_=

Also, my dad brought us a Turkey from home and it was sooo hugeee:D I didnt get a chance to take a picture when it first came out BUTTT I did got a few photos from it. It took about 4 hours for the Turkkeyy to be done :) I didn' t stuff the Turkey this year or any other year.. I don;t like stuffing much. =( Before eating we end up dropping Tn off at the Airport:)..then when we got home the Turkey was done and ready to be eatennn:D :D :D

Turkey in the White Bin

My Plate :)

Yahh the mm Turkey was Fat and I didn't have a huge plate for we put it in the BIN ahahah.. =[ Bf poked a hole int he Tin foil thing and well it ripped and yahh we couldnt serve it on the table with a rip plate sooo the bin..tub or w.e =[ Looks JUICYY mmmm??! :D I invited Dat ken's brother and Vin to come eat. Theyyyy love it.. too bad Tn missed it! His Turkey was good but boney..MINE WAS ALL MEAT! MEAT MEAT MEAT!@!~ AND the juice from the Turkey..Ahhh I could still remember the taste:| ahah..

Ewww Workk Hehehe

On boxing day..I had to work and well the kids didnt mind not going ON boxing day to shop sooo we went shopping on Monday. I wasn;t working the the day after boxing day but I wanted to relax My feet was killing me. =O I took my brother and sister to Square one and well they both went on a shopping spree I {the sister} kinda spoiled them.. They know what they got I don't feel like listing everything:| My little sister got an iTOUCH 8G for Christmas from my Father:| Grrrr I got PANS ahaha they know I love too cook so they bought me knife and stuff cooking things.:|

On Tuesday I wasn;t working and bf also got that day Off so he took us to eat at Krispy Kreme Doughnut I never went there..before..and OMGGGGG I LOVE ITTT!!!!

Krispy Kreme Doughnut@!!

I never seen anything like this before..There was FACTORY of them making the doughnut right in fron of our FACE:p


Vin and Kenny Eatingg:D

My brother and I and Vin finger pointing at kenny's friend.. ahha

LOOOKSS GOOOD.. Vin said that theres alot OF fatning:| I love it and I'm going to tell bf to bring some home when he's done his shift:| Oh and mm before Krispy Kreme Doughnut Bf did also bring us to Lindt Factory to get some Chocolate:| Vin also bought some soooo yahhh he loves chocolate:D so does does me.. Hahah:) I love white chocolate...After Krispy Kreme Doughnut we just end up going Heart Land Town Centre to shop..I didnt seee muchhh but when we went to ALDO. Hmmmm IT WAS ADDITIONAL 50% off sales alreadyyy and yellow tags sooooo I grabbed one pair of shoes:)

One of my favourites Chocolate:D

My Purple heels:D

I paid $19.99CAD for it:| :D hehe Not like crazy but I dont have purple heels yet:| :D I sayy it's nice so I got it:|I also love this one boot but mm I didn't get it..I felt liek I wasn;t going to wear it much .. It was $30CAD..Now I feel like I should of BOUGHT it. I just told bf to check out the sale if its still going on..hahah..

Wednesday I had to work :( Booo ahaha.. I made foods for the kid and away I went to work..I took the wrong bus ON THE WAY home.. I don;t know what I was thinking:| hahah Thursday I just stayed home with the kids haning out and playing card games..nothing really special. :| Just kept beating Tata in card games {Si Ku} and when bF got home we just end up watching lots and lots of Horror movies:| Yahh that's how I spend my new year. INDOOR with the kids cuddling watching HORROR FILMS.Right when it was about to hit 12 we turned to Channel 7 and jsut did the countdown..It was too colldd to go out.. and I wasn;t really in the moood:| + If the kids got sick..My mom will yell at me that;s my excuse :)

* HAPPPYYY NEWW YEARSS EVERYONEEE!!~~~ It's Fridayy andddd what did we do? Nothing was open except..EATON CENTRE, PMALL AND VAUGHANMILLS. The kids wanted to go PMALL instead more stuff to buy.. Like cute stuff. I also dropped by Rexall to pick up some PURE EYEshadows..:0 It's 75% off now:) I bought quite a bit of their products..I am sad that they are going to be goonnnee..BUT heyyy I got to have a some piece of them Hahaha:)
Now on our way to Pmall.. we stopped by KFC..It's open:)

I like the simple look :|

My sister and I

My dopey brothr Kennyyy

Bf watching Tata throwing out somethingg..

I finished Tata's Chicken bowl

BF's hair look like a monster:|

Me..ermm..trying to be cute... :(

Back in the car and on our way tooooo Pmall

Yahh we took some pictures.. :|My brother look so dopey. I end up camwhoring around.. I kinda like the innocent look right now..ahahah you know the soft blushy pink cheek and the soft pink lip with little lashes poppinggg out =D I'm also growingg out my eyebrowwws =/

The saddd weather

The weather was kinda gloomy..rainyy and sad. FOOGY! Guess what I found in the glove compartment? My Steve Madden Shades:D Ahhh I was wonderign where that went.. I thought I left it at my parents..but it was in the Glove Compartment the WHOLLEE TIME =D =D I was so happy to see it and now me with my awesome Steve Madden shades!@~~~

My lovely Shades ;)

It only took about 20 minutes to get to Pmall, but OMGGGG Paking lot was nonsense:| toook half HOUR for parking spot. I hate that. Especially..when people are dumb dumb drivers. =[ When we got tehre.. mm well. I suggested bf to get his hair cut..and I just wanted something more clean..haha his hair is sooo long sooo we went into Phillip Hair Studio and the result..I'm satisfied..Bf felt a little uncomfortable..because it was all male..some were gay and some were straight..oka there was only 4 guys..and well the one that washed his hair seemed gay? ahaha the one who cut his hair he seems ermm straight ahaha..I dont know..I was fine going there..but I guess guys feels a little err weird..Hhahaa..especially when he didn't see any girl stylist..Bf don't you know male stylist are good too??? Big smile:D

Bf and the Hair Stylist

I took these pictures of his hair when we got home..hehe

My sister and I said...he kinda looks like DK from Tokyo Drift except with a better nose..Hahahah.. Just a bit..NOT bf is Sexierrr:P Yahh bf always loosk good..Jeez. I like the new look..He had something similar before..Actually he always have crazyy hair :D I think I should tell bf to start his own beauty/life blog hahaha.. I got my sister a watch that day always..notthingg fancyy nothing really expensive just a cute watch which I FORGOT to take a picture of ..since it was in a cute bag :(

Me and my sibblingsss

My circle lens and errr case and solution haha I ran out =/

My sister

Look at her smiling all happy ahahah.. I also got circle lenses that day..They are prescription also so thats good:) I already ordered them..but it is taking a while for it to ermmm be I got inpatient and just purchase a pair for me and a pair for bf since he wanted to try. I got the Magic Circle lense in Brownish Honey color and bf got Angel in Gray. The girl at the counter said it was more commmon for boys to wear more of a natural look:) I said heyy maybe I can get something err more natural too:D It does seem like my eyes got bigger NOT much but kinda helps.. hahahI also purchased Gatsby hair product ..since bf ran out and my brother Rithy who didn't stay wanted the one he always use..Pink one! They hold vverrry nice! I bought few things but yahh I'll blog that later:D

Saturday I had to BOOO. Open the store..Morning... I rememebr I was very tired that day..BUT time flies very quick:D My parents were suppose to pick up the kids today but my family from Montreal came to visit so my parents end up staying in London and hang out.. The kids didnt want to go home My parents allowed them to stay for one more day.. Which is TODAYY..My parent will be here at 6PM.. I ended up making some stir fry :) I wanted my mom to try a bit of what I ususally make..and well I just used Chicken and Snow Peas:0 ..

Cindy the Chef =o

My face was blurryyy so I just put a { O .O }face...

Tastingg the flavourr...Mmmmm yummy:D Its goood..Mommy you better like this =] I learned from you :)

My Stirfry Dish =p

My sister toook a picture of me cooking and tasting..and yahh Dont mind the stove ..Bf's mom let us use their old one for NOW.. it looks very old..BUT heyy still works. ahahah.. After I was done..I had to clean up a bit..So I started mopping the floor making sure that its extremelyyy CLEAN hahha... After the floor was dry..omg my CAT minoux...fell in love with the floor..I don't normally let her in the kitchen because thats where I cook..I dont want her fur hair flying around food area.. I get kinda worried..but because I there was no plate out or food..I let her come in the kitchen and she was rolling on the floorrr and omg..she's so cute!!!

Minoux eyesss..Look at her on the flooorr haha..

The light was dim so it was kinda dark and I had to turn on my flash..her eyes turned ICED BLUE =D Lazer beammm:| She so frig CUTE I love my Kitttyyy!~ My parents also met bf's parent today and I'm surprised that his parent talk quite a bit also..I was scared that it was this awkward momemntt..I had to deal with both of them..ALone...Since bf was still at work. They laugh alot and yahh they were fine!~~ See the thing was..His Dad is like my Mom..THEY are both loud and goofyy..and His MOM and my DAD they just smile and quite..The good thing was that wasn;t just SILENCE. I'm kind of happy that they met.. my mom keeps nagging me about mmmm stuff like when Im going to get married and blablabla JUST because I'm living with the bf and met the parents and all that yah know thing..It's kinda annoying..I'm only 20 and marriage is not what I'm ermm well not on my mind right now. =D

Anywaysss that's all for now:) I'll update other things sooon :P This is just a mmm LONG quick update ahaha.. I didn't even get a chance about my little "what I got" Hahaa.. I'll show you guys in a bit:P

Happy New Years! I hope that 2010 will bee alot BETTER? I hopeeee that I make wise decision this year. Last year was goooddd..rocky know..BUT yah I hope everyone had a safe holiday and you guys got what you've wanted!~~ Goood luckk with everything and cherish every little thing .. Sometime the little things are what counts the most:) Be happyyy !~~

Lovee Cindy


Saving Capulet said...

Hi cindy!!
Long time!! :D
I totally know what you mean regarding the siblings, I do have one at home, EATS TOO MUCH AND ANNOYS OTHERS lol! but we love em to bits
I'm glad u had a blasting holiday and hopefully, 2010 will be extremely good to us :3

Saving Capulet said...

Those are awesome photos!! LOL imho ur bf is hotter than Tokyo Drift GUY!! lol and that's the CUTEST kitty!! HUGE! O.o and u look lovely as always! stay pretty! :D

xbbkay said...

those donuts are like as fattening as a bigmac apparently..O.o

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