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Heyy Guysss
When I'm bored.I think of Love Stories in my Head.
Most of the stories always end up in bad situation.. I don't know why.
Keep in mind that these characters/names are just made up.
I daydream..and then, I write..
My grammar isn't that great..though I hope you understand it..hhahah if not post a comment..I'll answer it>=]
Dramatic & Unique:)

He said Goodbye...

A Story by Cindy M Chan

I didn't think this day could ever happen. I was lost. I was confused. I was angry. I was filled with questions through my mind. I was just not myself, this day. I've been with him for 5 years and lived with him for 3 years going to 4. He asked me to marry him on our 2nd year anniversary, but I refused. I just didn't think I was ready. I didn't want to make a mistake. I was afraid he might of hurt me. I'm sitting on a bench at Park Katsu, where we used to go to. It's winter time. All I have is my gold LV luggage bag, my Gucci white fur jacket, FENDI mauve hat, scarfs, Danier mauve leather gloves, Sony Ericsson P1 cellphone and maybe $23,000USD left in my bank account. I was always known as the name brand whore. Anyways, back to my story. I sat here for 6 hours and 22 minutes now. Looking at my phone 13 missed calls. It was him. Why call me. Why bother. What's the point of hurting me and then calling me. I'm not a young girl anymore. I can't forget what he has done. It hurts to know the one you thought that would be the last to hurt you was actually the first person.

I was alone for 6 hours and I finally hear a car sound, that just drove by. The smell and sound of a Porshe motor engine.

"Mei, It is you! We've been looking for you everywhere! Chu is really worried about you. He wants you to come home. Put everything aside for now. You're going to be sick. Come back home, please. I don't exactly know what happen between you two. I just got off work and Chu called me to help him..find you.."

It was his bestfriend, Tobu. I couldn't look into his eyes. I just know I'm going to cry if I look up. I just couldn't..I can't be weak.. I know I'm a strong cookie. I looked up, then I cried. I slapped him on his arms, his right chest, his other arms and his other chest. I then gave him a hug. He was like a big brother to me. I just didn't know how to tell him. I just couldn't. I told him to help me find a place. I wanted to go live on my own. I didn't want to bother anyone and depend on anyone. He refused. He doesn't want me to live somewhere else. He was concern of my safety and he knew that Chu would get mad at him, if he did found me a place. I told him forget it. I'll go look for my own place, as I walked off.. I felt a huge headache. I fell flat in the snow and my face in the snow. I felt the cold snow. I couldn't move.

"Mei..Feeling better?"

I realized I was back at Chu's place, on his disgusting bed, that I purchased for him. I looked around to see if he was nearby. Nope. No shadows of him. I look at Tobu's sad puppy face. I was about to get out of the bed until I realized that a only have pink lace panties and pink lace tank top on. Since, the door closet was half open, I could see my luggage and jacket put away.

"Tobu, find me my clothes please. I can't stay here. I .. don't want to be here. If you were my good friend. Please help me find my clothes and get me out of here. I promise that Chu will not be angry with you. If anything happens between you and Chu. I will explain to him that I force you to help me. If you don't help me. I will never talk to you ever again. Please, help me."

Tobu looked at me as if, he wasn't going to help me. He got up from his chair and walked over to the closet. Chu came to the room and told Tobu to leave. Tobu asked Chu to let me go, but Chu yelled at him. When, Tobu left... Chu locked the door. I was cold. I was scared. I looked into Chu's eyes. He was not so happy, that I left him early this morning. Chu was not the same man. The day I first met was unforgettable. I met him at the fair. It was only two seats left on that roller coster that, I wanted to go on. I was with my friend and her bF and they got their seat. He was alone and tehre was one open seat, so he asked me to come sit next to him. I smiled. As the ride starts moving. My eyes was closed. Few seconds later, I hear his soft voice whispering to my ears...

"It's oka, you can open your eyes. You're safe"

I open my eyes and hollii shiitt I was so scared! I started to scream and my body was all tensed up. I felt the light squeezed on my hand. I looked over and I see his face looking at me. He smiled. My stomach started to feel unusual. I felt something was going to come out from my stomach and out of my mouth. I threw up all over the place. Chu also threw up. When the ride stopped, everyone was disgusted by us and everyone was very angry. That's how we met...

To be continued..
Written by: CindyMChan


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