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If you have read the post I put on Novemeber 24th, about the deals at the Bay with Lancome and Estee Lauder cosmetics..Well, Bf got me the Estee Lauder set, for our 2nd yr anniversary!~ Thankss babee!! He asked me if I wanted the Lancome one or the Estee Lauder and after trying out their colors and their sets...I chosed the Estee Lauder. More bangs for the bucks:P First, you must purchase any of their fragrances. Alot of them were too strong for me.. Smell something more like for moms? Hahha..Well it's has more of a mature smell? I did found one that was the perfect scent! I got the one that came out during the summer..Pure White Linen Pink Coral in 50mL. Heres, what it looks like:) I wish theres a button on your keyboard you can press for the smell...and then it comes out of your speakers Hahha.... just kidding:P

This is what's in the Estee Lauder Sets!~

Estee Lauder Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette; Pure Color Eyeshadow {13} & Estee Lauder Signature Silky Eyeshadow
What do I think: I reallly do like the eyeshadow, it feels really nice and soft when you apply. The only thing is that...well I love dramatic smokey eyes.. This is really nice for just a neutral look. :) Very sophisticated! Nice pallette@ Worth it. + Swatches are all in palettes order
Row1. Color name left to right; 30 SUGAR CUBE, 10 IVORYBOX, 47 HONEY DROP, 04 SAGE{Silky e/s Duo}
Row2. Color name left to right; 81 LAVENDER, 38 CHOCOLATE, 60 TEA BISCUIT, 54 COPPER PENNY, 85 PETAL
Row3. Color name left to right; 78 MULBERRY, 13 PALE MOON, 35 CINNAMON, 82 APRICOT, 63 MOCHA CUP

Estee Lauder Deluxe All-Over Face Compact; Bronze Goddess a Soft Matte Bronzer & Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush {2}
What do I think: These are very natural looking blushes.. I also try to rub it off with just my fingers ..Still there:) Does come off with water:P But overall very happy with the color. Nice with any skintone! Bronzer for my skin..I might need to go a bit darker.. but yeah pretty decent + LONG- LASTING:)!~

Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick, 3.6g each..Yayyy FULL SIZE =){4}
What do I think: I LOVE THEM ALL. There is no or err.. No I love the texture.. These are my first Estee Lauder Liptick. They have really nice coverage and guess what? At the counter, the MUA who was veryyy helpful today.. mixed the FIG + TIGER EYE Together annnddd ahh my goshh Gorgeous color! You will have 16 combination of colors to play:) Gottta love that!
Color name left to right; 123 FIG, 117 ROSE TEA, 116 CANDY, 186 TIGER EYE

Estee Lauder Artist's Eye Pencil, 1.1g each {3}
What do I think: When I swatch them, they were soft but not soft like kohl liners they seem to laast even ater trying to smudge it off.. I even wiped it with water and it still there.. Not as bold as it was before but still there..You might have to re-apply after maybe few hours:)

Estee Lauder Projectionist High Definition Volume Mascara & Lash Primer Plus Full Treatment Formula, both 2.8mL each
What do I think:I used the Projectionist High Definition Volume before and well.. They don't stay on all day..It does ends up smudging by the end of the day.. I'll see if the primer does do any difference:) then, I'll let you know =p

Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover,100mL + Mirrror
What do I think: It works for all skintype:0 and I just wiped OFF the eyeliner ONCE and it came off:| I hope this will easily remove my mascara..Try it tonight:D..Mirror looks cool Hahah:P

Estee Lauder Make Up Brush Set
What do I think:Brushes do feel soft..I haven't used the face brushes yet..but at the counter the MUA..she used the eye brush and it does work really nice..She does use the eye brush alot. Also come with a lip brush:) Yayy..

Estee Lauder Cosmetic Case, 100% Polyester with PVC Trim:) & Cosmetic Bag 100% PVC
What do I think: I actually really like both! Very Gold and Very Red. Sexyyy this is not over yet.. I talked to MUFFY the MUA {I LOVE HER NAME..anyone watches Arthur? Kid show..?..You'll know who MUFFY is...THE SNOB..hehe}for about a good 40Minutes:| I know.. I tend to drag the conversation with people sometime and well I decided to browse around their make up and I came across something I REALLLLY WANT. I got it. Hahah:| I just had to have it.. It's the Estee Lauder Signature 5 tone Shimmer Powder for Eyes, Cheeks & Face!~ I always wanted that nice highlight on the bridge of my nose and under my eyes..I got the MAC Triple Fusion but it was too mm noticeable when apply? I wanted something more less obvious. Right? I mean..Muffy said you want the shimmer to look like..when the light is hitting on your face..that nice glow..but not OILY SHINE looking face haha get it? When..I wear my does look nice in photos..but in can definetly see the little particles sparkles thing a magikii on your face.. When I do wear the MAC it seems like my face tends to be more shinier. OILY. But with this 5 TONE SHIMMER from Estee Lauder. AHHHH =I I was in love like again and again.. My bf thinks im silly haha. Muffy also said that bf remind her of those asian popstar celeb.. I looked at bf..Pshhh that dinkii smirk:P haha I love him:D back to the shimmer.. Since it cost .. mm $45.00CAD I get to have my Make up done.. Well.. This Saturday is my friend TN bday and we're going to be hitting the club hahha.. and so I booked my appointment for that day. Rawr. She also gave me their Double Wear Stay-in Place makeup foundation sample in Tawny :) She knew exactly my skin tone!~ Heres the 5 Tone Shimmer + Sample:P

Alright, so this is the end of my Estee Laudee review! I really believe that this is an extremely good deal..ladies!..You save like $340!! My fragrance was $62CAD..but that's because the smell was mmmMMMmm sooo delicious. hahah.. They also..Have a set of 4 tiny mini fragrance in a gift set for $34.50CAD and you can use that towards your deal. I just know I won't really use those dinky four mini ones..Since..It's a gift from bf..I rather let him get me something that I really want than just have them sitting around! I definetly had great customer service today. Hahaha:) Muffy was really helpful today and I learned quite a bit of beauty tips that day. Interesting and well I had an awesome day. Bf got me SUBWAY to eat.. I LOVE COLD CUTS. I don't care what anyone says. I know cold cut sounds like aboring Sub. IT'S NOT TO ME. hahaha:)
Oka.. this is all for now take care guys and thankss for reading!!!:D Any question feel free to ask!!! <3 yah!!



Summer Darling said...

hi dear...happen to have this set too.i got it end of last year and i havent got the chance to start using them yet..hahaha

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